Real Women, Real Results
Brittany, Janet and Rachel say they’ve successfully completed P.I.N.K. Method and have lost more than 100 pounds combined in just a few months.

“P.I.N.K. Method is easy to use,” says Brittany who lost 20 pounds. “I’ve tried other weight-loss programs before, and they were so difficult with the manuals and tutorials — they were just too much and something I didn’t stick with.”

“I like the trainers on the DVD. It’s like they were talking to us,” says Janet, who lost 31 pounds.

Rachel says she’s 61 pounds lighter thanks to P.I.N.K. Method’s meal and exercise plans. “The exercise and nutrition was the key to my success because it was just for women,” she says.

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[AD]“Are you surprised you were able to make this transformation?” Dr. Phil asks Brittany.

“Absolutely,” she says. “I’ve tried other programs — specifically P90X workout — and after two days, it was just too hard. Not that this is easy, but it’s something you can do — it’s for a woman. They don’t force you to do 20 pushups in one day. I gradually was able to do it, and I started noticing results immediately, so I continued to do it.”

Rachel and Janet agree that P.I.N.K. Method has motivating trainers and easy-to-use meal plans that eliminate any guesswork in dieting.

“In comparison to other programs I tried, what really worked with P.I.N.K. Method was the diet and exercise together, because I’ve lost weight on other programs, but it all came back. But now I feel empowered because I’ve done it all by myself," Janet says. 

[AD]Jenna, Lisa and Basheerah return to the stage to show some workouts that dieters will use on P.I.N.K. Method.

Jenna reiterates that each exercise move is designed to help women at all fitness levels. “It's available for anyone so if you’re beginning or if you’re an athlete, you can do them all.”

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