Rhenotha's P.I.N.K. Challenge
To jumpstart Rhenotha's weight loss, P.I.N.K. Method trainer Lisa stopped by Rhenotha’s home to deliver her a special surprise.

Follow Lisa to Rhenotha’s doorstep!

“Now really, you admit you’ve been on every diet. You’ve done everything you possibly could, right?” Dr. Phil asks Rhenotha.

“Yes, absolutely. Weight Watchers, the milk diet, the bread diet — everything,” she says.

“So, why has it failed in your opinion?” Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]“Well, look at me. I’m fabulous,” Rhenotha quips. “It failed because there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol — all those things.”

“But that’s going to catch up with you,” Lisa insists. “She’s 31, so if she keeps eating the way she’s eating, eventually she’s going to be a candidate for Type Two Diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.”

Rhenotha agrees that she needs to change. She reveals that her mother died at 53 due to heart complications caused by obesity.

“So, you are at higher risk for these things than people normally, and when you’re overweight, it goes up by multiples,“ Dr. Phil notes. “You’ve got to have a return to health here right? Because you can be fabulous and gone. We want you to be fabulous, and here.”

[AD]“That’s why I’m here, Dr. Phil,” Rhenotha says, smiling. She admits that she doesn’t enjoy exercise but hopes P.I.N.K. Method will motivate her to get in shape.

Dr. Phil shows her a digitized image of her body after she loses weight. “Sometimes you need to visualize where you’re going,” Dr. Phil says.

“Check me out!” Rhenotha exclaims.