A Terrifying Discovery

Danielle points to her computer screen and says to a Dr. Phil producer, "I can click on his image to hear what police believe is his actual voice. That is so scary looking," she says, staring at his image. 


A terrifying, whisper-like voice announces, "I want to kill you." Listen to the recording.


"The thought of thinking he was in my house sounds so incredibly, ooh, gross," Danielle says.


In the studio, a man using the name Robert joins the show via telephone. He hosts the Web site that displays the alleged image and voice of the East Area Rapist. "Can you tell us why anonymity is so crucial to you?" Dr. Phil asks him.

"I also experienced the terror that the East Area Rapist brought into Sacramento's lives," he says. "I was 15 years old when he first started his crime, and as I found out that he was connected to murders, I, too, am afraid, in case he's still alive, that he may very well not like me trying to solve this case."

[AD]"So why do you have the Web site up?" Dr. Phil asks, noting that police say the voice on the recording may actually be that of the East Area Rapist. "Why do you have this up on a Web site?"

"In hopes that somebody will recognize that voice and give law enforcement a name that they can check the DNA of that suspect and hopefully bring an arrest in this case," he says.

"So you're trying to do a good thing?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Absolutely," he says, noting that the voice recording had already been made public.

Retired detective Russ Whitmeyer has devoted years to working on the case, and he shares a message with Danielle. "In a way, we would like to see you to think positively about this, because there are a lot of us who are working very hard to identify the suspect, whether he's alive or dead," Russ says.

Jack Trimarco, former FBI agent and profiler, joins the show and shares his thoughts about this type of perpetrator.

"The fact is that these people don't just quit doing this," Dr. Phil says to Jack. "So you think this person may be dead or in jail?"

"They don't just stop. This is what they do. They do it because they like it," Jack says. "This young fellow, when he started his crime spree, started out perhaps as a peeper, perhaps as a lingerie thief. Everything started with fantasy with this guy, and then his fantasies weren't adequate, and so he started to act out. He started to get into people's homes. He started with very young girls, and then as he became more comfortable and more brazen, he went to older women, and then he went to couples and men in the home, and then of course, the ultimate in this horrific novel of manipulation, domination and control, he brutally murdered his victims."

[AD]"How old would he be now?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We believe he's probably in his mid 50s, if he's alive," Russ says.

"The fact that there hasn't been activity for many, many years, suggests that he may be incarcerated or dead," Dr. Phil says.

"More than likely, because very few, if any, serial killers have ever stopped committing their serial crimes until they're dead," Russ says.