Parental Alienation: Gina and Chrissy

Children Caught in the Crossfire
"My husband's ex-wife is absolutely, 100 percent, a pathological liar. Anything that spews out of that woman's mouth is a lie. Chrissy is out of control. She needs to stop the chaos and all of the drama, not only with us, but with the kids," says Gina, who is married to Chrissy's ex-husband, Dennis. "Chrissy hates me. Chrissy might hate me because I called her a child killer. I have called her a stripper. That was her occupation."
Chrissy and Dennis have two children, Kayla and Tyler, and Gina says she feels that Chrissy badmouths her in front of the kids. "Chrissy tells that kids that I hate them, that I am not their mother," she says, blinking back tears. Then she makes an impassioned plea to her husband's ex. "Chrissy, please stop. Stop with the kids. Stop telling them lies. Stop causing all this craziness between the two families. Stop your behavior."
[AD]Chrissy shares her side of the story. "My ex-husband, Dennis, is the biggest liar I know. Dennis has been trying very hard to alienate my children from me. I never thought Dennis was a good father. He and his wife, Gina, are constantly telling my children that I've abandoned them, how I don't love my son, Tyler, as much as I love my daughter," she says. "We never had these problems until Gina got involved. Gina's a complete bitch. I hate Gina because she has told my children that I am a child killer. She has told my children that I abandoned them, that I was a stripper."
Dennis adds his thoughts. "Chrissy is Satan's daughter. Chrissy tries to alienate the kids from me by telling them that I don't love them," he says. "I feel that Chrissy is mentally abusing Tyler and Kayla." 
Dr. Phil addresses Chrissy. "Are you trying to influence the children to think poorly of their father?" he asks.
"I don't speak about their father with them at all. It doesn't happen," she replies. "Right now, I only get to see my children twice a month, every other weekend, and he's not a top priority to us at that time."
"This is your third marriage, correct?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"Yes," she replies.
"You had these two children with Dennis, and then you had another child with your second husband," he notes. "You don't have custody of that child either."
[AD]"No. She's living with my ex-husband because she had a heart transplant and some disabilities, and he lives next to a special school," she answers. "We had two other children who passed away from cardiomyopathy, that Gina likes to refer to, saying I'm a child killer."
"I e-mailed it once because she wouldn't shut up," Gina says in her own defense. "She showed it to the kids. She told the kids. I didn't."
"Why did you say she was a child killer?" Dr. Phil inquires. "You understand that she lost two children, and that's a horrible experience."
"I know that," Gina says. "I'm deeply sorry about that."
Twelve years ago, Chrissy initiated an order of protection against Dennis. Her ex-husband participates in the show from a remote location. He can't respond directly to Chrissy, only to Dr. Phil.
"Is your wife repeatedly referring to Chrissy as a child killer?" Dr. Phil asks Dennis.
"One time in an e-mail," Dennis replies.
"She didn't do it screaming in the background on a telephone call recently?"
"No, sir."
"You guys are out of control," Dr. Phil tells the women. "This is ridiculous."
Watch the explosive argument between Chrissy and Gina that happened during the commercial break!
Chrissy's husband, Vince, explains an ideal custody arrangment.
Dr. Phil addresses Vince. "Have you two talked to Tyler about this?" he asks.
"Yes, we have talked to Tyler about this," Vince replies.
"So, you basically did say, ‘We want to take Kayla, but you can stay here'?" Dr. Phil probes.
"We said that just to make the situation calm," Vince explains.
"My son said he would rather stay [with Gina and Dennis] to make it stop," Chrissy explains.