Parenting 101, Follow-up: Kristi and Ward

Back in Charge
Dr. Phil checks in with parents who were having a tough time disciplining their children.
"Before the Dr. Phil show, Ward and I really didn't have a discipline plan," admits Kristi. "Dr. Phil could see the triplets were in charge. After the show, we were more conscious of that. We went home and said, 'OK, we're starting today.'"

Kristi applied Dr. Phil's advice about using a lever for each child " taking away something they value. "If they are fighting, if it's gotten out of hand, then the lever comes into play," says Kristi, who will take away their Nintendo or favorite toy.

"The new approach that Dr. Phil recommended has been very effective," says Kristi. "It is now clear in this house who is in charge, and it is not the triplets. It would be Ward and Kristi. Thank you, Dr. Phil, for giving us the skills we need to be good parents."