Parenting 101, Follow-up: Steve and Hope

New Bond
Dr. Phil checks in with parents who were having a tough time disciplining their children.
Since speaking to Dr. Phil, Steve worked to improve his relationship with his step-daughter Hope. "Dr. Phil told me to apologize to Hope before the sun sets for the way I had treated her, and I did," says Steve. "When Dr. Phil was telling me that I was a pivotal person in Hope's life, and if I didn't change it would lead Hope down the wrong path, that was like a slap in the face. It hurt and it embarrassed me, and I don't like either one of those things. And it dawned on me that nobody else could fix that but me."

Steve's wife, Karen, is pleased with the changes. "They sit down and they do homework together. They plan meals together. They watch shows together. Steve picks Hope up from school," she says, pointing out that their marriage is also back on track as a result of the changes Steve made.
Steve describes a pivotal moment that happened with Hope after appearing on the show. "All of a sudden one day we were talking about something and I said, 'Hope, I laove you,' and she said, 'I love you too,' and she gave me a big hug and it was nice."

"I feel really great about that because that was the first time he said it," says Hope, who enjoys spending time with Steve now. "I believe that we're going to spend a lot more time together," she predicts. "Dr. Phil, thank you so much for helping me improve my relationship with my step-dad."