Parenting 911: Avery Update

Parenting 911: Avery Update
Dr. Phil follows up with a woman who called her daughter "the biggest brat in the universe!"
When Jennifer last appeared on the show, she called her 4-year-old daughter, Avery, the "biggest brat in the universe." She and her husband, Mike, could not control Avery, who would scream, hit them, call them "stupid," and say she hated them. Dr. Phil urged the couple to be unified in their discipline and to use "commando parenting."

"Since the show, things with Avery are much better," Jennifer reports. "As soon as Mike and I got home, we implemented your rules right
away. Her tantrums used to go on for hours. Now if she has one, it only lasts a few minutes. Mike and I are a united front, staying consistent with our discipline, which works wonders. We always talk and make a plan before we implement any new rules."

On a recent trip to Disneyland, Jennifer put Dr. Phil's advice to the test during one of Avery's tantrums. "We told her no souvenirs if she threw another one, and the rest of the vacation was great," she says. "Thanks Dr. Phil for the peace and quiet."