Parenting Follow-Ups

Parenting Follow-Ups
Sally and Victoria

Sally first brought her 11-year-old daughter, Victoria, to the show because her caked-on makeup, thong underwear and "sex pot" clothes were attracting much older men. Wondering where the makeup and clothes came from, and who was letting Victoria leave the house dressed that way, Dr. Phil asked Sally who was in charge in the home.

"When I went on the show, I was offended that Dr. Phil asked me who the parent was," explains Sally. "But you know what? He was right. I was trying to stay on Victoria's good side instead of enforcing the rules. After the show, the first time I caught her trying to sneak out with slinky clothes hidden under a jacket, I put my foot down and grounded her for a month. Boy, did that get her attention! Instead of withdrawing from me when I set and enforce the rules, it's actually brought us closer together. Not only did Victoria need discipline, but deep down, she really wanted it."
"After the show aired, I noticed Victoria started changing her looks," says Sally. "She stopped wearing thongs and cut her bangs. Instead of looking like a 25-year-old she looks like a very cute 11-year-old again."

"After the show, I walked out thinking, whatever. I'm going to do what I want to do," explains Victoria. "I have been grounded more in the last three months than I have in the last two years. I was really mad. I couldn't believe my mom took Dr. Phil's advice! When I watched the show, I thought, 'I didn't know I looked like that!' I have a poster of Dr. Phil over my bed because he's the reason I changed. You know, he's cool."
Vicki and Jake

Dr. Phil promised he could help Vicki potty train her son, Jake, in one day and even went to her home to show her how. The question is, did he remain potty trained after the show?

"He's so perfectly potty trained," says Vicki. "He doesn't even sleep in diapers any more."

"You admit you were pretty skeptical about this?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Oh, yes," admits Vicki. "I didn't think he was going to go for it. He still says he thinks we should call Thomas the Tank Engine."
Viewers will recall that Jeremy, a show producer, acted as Jake's favorite hero, Thomas the Tank Engine, during the process.

Jake was very excited to call Thomas the Tank Engine after successfully going potty so he could tell him the good news.

This show is dedicated in loving memory to Jeremy Stabile.

1974 — 2003
Lani and Mason

A hidden camera experiment from the episode, How Well Do You Know Your Kids? shocked Mason's mother, Lani. She said she had never seen her "little angel" hit another child. Yet the footage showed him chucking Barbie dolls, spitting at and hitting other children. What did she and her husband Dave do as parents after the show?

"We actually took some advice from Dr. Phil and began role playing," says Lani. "We noticed an extreme difference in Mason's behavior. This whole experience has made a huge difference in the way we parent our children."

"Tell me what happened when you left here," inquires Dr. Phil.

"When we first left, I was in denial," admits Lani. "I felt very set up and said Mason was provoked. That's what opened my eyes. I heard myself justifying the behavior I saw with my own eyes on TV. I talked it over with my husband and what we took away was that parents can have good intentions, but it doesn't mean their methods are good."
"Mason, how are you?" asks Dr. Phil. "Everyone is proud of you for being such a good boy. If I come down there, will you give me a hug?"

"Yeah," answers Mason.
Barbara and Ashleigh

Barbara brought her 15-year-old daughter, Ashleigh, to the show after discovering that Ashleigh was living a secret life that included smoking, drinking and drugs. Barbara says that things got better after the show but soon took a turn for the worse. When Ashleigh admitted to drinking and smoking pot again, Barbara placed her in rehab. After Ashleigh complained about the rehab program, her mother took her out — even though she was only half way through.

"I gave Ashleigh an inch," says Barbarba. "She took a mile. She started skipping school again and failed five of her six classes. Rehab was quite the wake-up call. The kids in there were coming off of heroin and methamphetamine ... Dr. Phil, thanks for helping us get on the right path. But now, how do I keep her going in the right direction?"
"I started getting back into my old habits because of the friends I was hanging out with," explains Ashleigh. "I drank and smoked pot. My mom decided to send me to a treatment center. Once I got there, I wondered why she sent me there because I wasn't a crack addict. I want to stay clean. But then again, I worry I'll start using again."
"You found out about Ashleigh cutting school and [drinking and smoking pot] and sent her to rehab, which was [supposed to be for] 35 days," says Dr. Phil. "You took her out after 18 days. Let me guess why. She told you they were all a bunch of crack heads and dopers and she didn't belong there."

Dr. Phil pulls out a notebook and says, "Let me talk to you about what Ashleigh had to say. I went through some of her notes." Dr. Phil begins reading direct quotes from Ashleigh:

"After a few weeks I started lying again because I was hanging out with the same group of friends and it is so hard to turn them down ... I'm nervous going back to the same situation and same people. I'm going to try to stay away from them for a while until I can get clean. But then maybe I'll try to hang out with them some more. [My mom] said she was sending me to an inpatient program and I was so mad. But the truth is, it wasn't that bad."

"These are not my words, these are your daughter's," says Dr. Phil.
"There are two things you need to hear," continues Dr. Phil. "Number one, Ashleigh is telling you she cannot make it out there on her own. She cannot handle being around those people. Those are not very good friends. But they are familiar. She is afraid of the unknown and it comes out as anger toward you because you are forcing her to face reality. Number two, your job is to recognize that she can't do this by willpower. My assessment is, this girl has an addiction problem and she needs to be in an inpatient program to criteria — not for 18 days, not until she gets bored or talks you out of it."

Turning to Ashleigh, Dr. Phil says, "You need to not resist this and cooperate. This woman is trying to save your life. Your friends don't give a damn about you. If they did, they wouldn't be helping you wreck your education and your body. You are their entertainment and nothing more. You need to stop running from and start running to the one person that is trying to make your life better."

Kate and Ursula

Many Dr. Phil fans reacted strongly and wrote in after seeing Kate breastfeed her 8-year-old daughter, Ursula, on the show. Concerned viewers will be happy to know that since her appearance, Kate has put her foot down and stopped breastfeeding Ursula — even though she often asks.


Remember Noah, the picky eater? Noah's family is thrilled to report that dinnertime is finally peaceful at their house. Noah no longer ruins mealtime for his family by throwing temper tantrums and refusing to eat healthy foods. His mom has cut junk food out of his diet and finally gotten him to try new foods. He recently ate his first apple and has lost six pounds!