Focusing on the Victims
Heath Evans is a former NFL player and NFL Network analyst. His wife is a victim of sexual abuse, and because of that, he founded the Heath Evans Foundation to bring awareness to the epidemic of child sexual abuse and to provide free professional, anonymous counseling to victims.

Heath doesn’t mince words when he explains what Paterno should have done.

T.J. is Penn State’s student body president. He joins the discussion via Polycom.

“What can you tell us about the mindset of the student body of Penn State right now and how they feel about the whole thing?” Dr. Phil asks. 

“Students have been very angry, they’ve been disgusted, they’ve been heartbroken for these victims and their families,” T.J. says. 

[AD]T.J. explains that there’s been a movement on campus to focus attention on justice for the victims, and through the website,, they’ve collected over $400,000 in donations to give directly to advocacy groups to prevent child abuse.

“I hope everyone in the nation gets a sense of what Penn State is really all about and what the Penn State student body is all about,” Dr. Phil says. “This is a fine university made up of a fine student body, and we need to stand behind them because they’re standing behind these victims.”