The Party's Over!

A limo is sent to pick up the scammers. Here's who's coming to the party: Ann Stevens, who is believed to be Ann Lee, the woman some Dr. Phil viewers have been wiring money to via Western Union; Deborah, Lisa and Michelle, who were seen at the psychic shop, but whose voices were not heard on the 800 number.

Before the women's arrival, Dr. Phil addresses his sting crew. "The number one concern here is safety. I don't want any kind of confrontation. Don't do anything to draw attention or fire to yourself," he stresses. Yet, he is confident that the sting will be successful. "We have spun our web. They are in our trap now, and it's time to go take them down!"

Dr. Phil watches from another room as the unsuspecting women arrive to what they believe is a bachelorette party. "It's the moment I have been waiting for. Watch as I finally face off with these women!" he says.

As the women have a "champagne toast" for the "bride," a knock is heard at the door.

Dr. Phil walks in the room, surprising the women. "Mind if I join this party?" he asks. "How come you've been telling people that you represent the Dr. Phil show, and that we have been wiring money to your name at Western Union?"

Ann Stevens looks puzzled. "I don't think so," she says. 

When Dr. Phil rattles off the names Ann Lee and Esther Hernandez, the woman says, "My name is Ann Stevens."

Dr. Phil isn't buying it. "Yeah, your name is Ann Stevens, sometimes. It's Ann Lee, sometimes."

"No, all the time," Ann says.

"I know exactly who you are. We've been following you for a long time," Dr. Phil says, holding up a picture. "That's you!"

"Where is that at, sir?" Ann asks.

"You people are in trouble. You've been scamming and defrauding my viewers," Dr. Phil says heatedly.

"We came in for a party. A legitimate party, here," Ann tells him. 

"Don't say legitimate to me!" Dr. Phil says. "Ann, if you're a fortune teller, then you ought to see this coming … Your attorneys are going to be very, very busy. You are scamming my people."

"We are not scamming anyone," Ann insists.

Dr. Phil follows Ann through the hotel room as she grabs her belongings and attempts to leave. "Are you telling me that you haven't been picking up money for people saying that they're going to talk to Dr. Phil and Robin?"

"No, I don't talk. I'm not Dr. Phil," Ann replies. "This is harassment."

Dr. Phil is incredulous. "Harassment? You want to deal with me, or you want to deal with the police?"

Dr. Phil's crew follows Ann down the hall, as she tries to hide her face with a purse. "Are you trying to tell me you haven't ripped off Renee Cavanaugh?" Dr. Phil presses. "Are you telling me that you didn't take $1,250 from Laura Joslin?"

"No, I did not," Ann answers to both queries. Once on the elevator, she attempts to cover her face again. "I don't appreciate what you're doing," she tells Dr. Phil.

"I don't appreciate you ripping off my viewers!" Dr. Phil shoots back. "I don't appreciate you people saying that you produce the Dr. Phil show."

Once outside the hotel, Ann and her crew pull away in a cab.

"We got their attention. I think we scared them enough to shut this operation down," Dr. Phil says. "Believe me, these people just move on to the next con. We're not through with them. Prosecution is my next goal."

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil says, "We've handed over information to the district attorney's office in Houston, Texas, and they are compiling an extensive investigative report. I will press charges for these scammers to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Generally, any scheme to defraud in which the individuals carrying out the scheme use the telephone as their primary means of communicating with prospective victims and try to persuade them to send money to the scheme, is defined as telemarketing fraud."