Profile of a Pregnancy, Follow-up: Message Board

Profile of a Pregnancy, Follow-up: Message Board
Dr. Phil tackles common decisions couples face during the roller coaster ride of pregnancy.
Nothing gets by you unnoticed! After Profile of a Pregnancy, Part 1, many of you commented on the message boards about Morgan's demonstration of diapering a baby doll.

Sue writes: "I just got finished writing an e-mail to the show regarding baby powders. Do not use it on babies! If you must, turn away from the baby, shake a small amount into your hands, rub it into your hands and then onto the baby. Never ever shake powder over a baby. They could end up with [respiratory problems]."

Anne writes: "I applaud your efforts to give pregnant women the support I wish I had 30 years ago, but why didn't the dad change the baby on the floor like the boot camp suggested? If there's a changing table, always keep a hand on the baby because those straps are no guarantee."

Dr. Phil clarifies that the boot camp Morgan went to never told him to use baby powder.