Profile of a Pregnancy: The Questions

Profile of a Pregnancy: The Questions
New parents-to-be Shannon and Morgan have questions for Dr. Phil.
Morgan and Shannon decided to start trying for a baby when they were married six months, assuming it might take some time to get pregnant. "It took about a day," says Shannon, who was surprised but pleased.

"I was shocked, but at the same time, extremely excited," says her husband, Morgan, who always knew he wanted to have kids.

As Morgan and Shannon get caught up in the excitement of being expecting parents, they wonder about what their child will be like. Shannon imagines a blonde child and hopes he/she gets Morgan's nose. Morgan hopes their baby gets his height, legs and athleticism.
Since both of them have type A personalities, they wonder if their rigid ways will be passed down. "I'm obsessive and Morgan's compulsive," jokes Shannon, "so if they get both traits, they'll be a mess."

Morgan is a neat freak and is trying to prepare for the inevitable: "The house is going to be a mess. There's going to be food on the walls, and things on the floor," he says.

Shannon, who is used to running an office of 140 people, is having a hard time adjusting to staying at home. "It's extremely difficult to make the transition from business executive to living a life of leisure," she says. "I like being busy. Getting up in the morning and having nothing to do all day has been a difficult process."

Shannon is also concerned about the weight gain that comes with pregnancy, and tells people immediately that she's pregnant, so they don't assume she's overweight. "It is hard to be one weight for so long and then in a matter of weeks things start changing about your body," she admits.
Since they shared the news with friends and family, Morgan and Shannon have been receiving lots of advice and information from others, "and none of it is positive," says Morgan. A lot of questions have come up during the course of the pregnancy so far, and they turn to Dr. Phil for help:

Shannon: We disagree about some of the names we've come up with. Should I compromise on a name I don't love? How do I adjust to going from an environment of 140 people to two?

What is the best way for me to support her as she goes through the weight gain? What are the chances of having a B type personality baby? How do we cope with that? Who should be allowed and not allowed in the delivery room? How do we integrate a child into our life without jeopardizing our relationship and some of the things we do in our life? How do I hold a baby? How do I [resuscitate] a baby if they're choking? How do I feed the baby? How do I bathe the baby? How do I change a diaper? How do I recognize one cry from another?