Project Single Girls, Part 2: Andrea

Speed Dating
Eight-minute dating is a new way to meet someone.
We sent Andrea to an event where singles talk one-on-one for eight minutes before switching and chatting with someone new.

One guy told her he was looking for a woman "who's real like butter,not fake like margrarine." He told her: "There's a wildfire burning inmy heart. I'm looking for a woman with the same soul as my own so shecan find her way home."

Frustrated by the men she's met and the lines she's heard, Andrea tells Dr. Phil: "I think this is why I'm still single!"

"I felt that she had a great spirit," says Greg, one of the men Andrea met. "I did think she was a little coy. There were a couple of questions I asked her and she didn't really answer them."

Greg, a father, didn't get the feeling that Andrea was interested in children at first. Still, his overall first impression was positive. "I thought she was really sweet, very pretty," he says.

"Check your baggage," Dr. Phil tells Andrea and Lauren, reminding them that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.

"Every one of us has a personal truth " something we believe about ourselves when nobody else is looking. Your 93 percent screams that personal truth," Dr. Phil says. "If you're desperate, if you're playing the games with sweaty palms, if you're insecure ... you're communicating it."