Project Single Girls, Part 2: Danielle

Snap Judgements
Danielle's checklist may be preventing her from finding Mr. Right.
"I have extremely high expectations for the guys that I date," says Danielle. "I cut people out pretty quickly if there are some tendencies that I can't deal with."

Her blind date with Mark was the perfect example. When she found out he didn't finish college, she was turned off.

"Education level is a definite red flag for me," she says. "It's a hard and fast rule to have at least a minimum of a college education forme."


"I think he'd be wonderful as a friend, but he's definitely not a romantic love interest for me," Danielle explains.

Mark said that Danielle's "checklist" was apparent. "Everything's got to fit ... I think she's probably looking for the perfect person and that's impossible to find."

Dr. Phil tells the women that checklists can be dangerous because you can miss some wonderful people.

"If you make a quick judgment, you can miss some really nice guys," says Dr. Phil, suggesting that the women need to let first impressions accumulate. "You should also get a first impression when you're alone together, a first impression when he's under stress, a first impression when he's sick, a first impression when there's conflict ... This chemistry thing is way over-rated. If you think marriage is like a long date, it ain't! And the guy that's the most fun on a date is not necessarily the best mate."