Project Single Girls, Part 2: Nina

The Next Step
Nina has a question about "the big question."
Nina has been exclusive with her boyfriend for about four months. "I'm not saying I want to marry the guy tomorrow," she says. "I want to getto know him a lot better."

But, she adds, "You date to eventually get married ... so if this person has no intention of me even being a potential wife, then I'd be wasting my time."

She asks Dr. Phil to help her understand what a realistic time frame is for her to know that there's a future.

Dr. Phil advises all the women to move slowly. "You've got to have some patience in these things," he says. "I think relationships have a natural rhythm. It kind of flows along, and there will be times that it's just time to move it to the next level, and then it will feel right to move it to the next level. And I think it's OK to be really honest about where you are in a relationship."

He reminds Nina that she's admitted to being demanding, and that in the past she's been impatient to hear "I love you." While it's fair for her to know her boyfriend's intentions and if he sees a future, she should also be patient.