Project Single Girls, Part 2: Singles Mixer

The Singles Mixer
We set up a singles event to take a closer look at first impressions.
"Wait, hold on one second," said Gordon, in the middle of a conversation with Shelley at a singles party. Put off by his rudeness, Shelley walked away.

She was also insulted by a guy who asked her about her sex life. "That definitely does not make me feel special," says Shelley. "I'm just someone he's hoping to score with for that moment, and if it's not with me, he'll just go around the room until he finds someone."

Nancy came on a little strong at the party when she was talking to a man who was new to Southern California.

"I thought he was a little shy and I was trying to be a little forward and friendlier with him," she says, "but maybe I scared him off."

Dr. Phil tells it like it is: "You scared the bejeebers out of that guy!"

When Nancy tells Dr. Phil that the guy hasn't called yet, Dr. Phil jokes: "You know why? He's checked into the witness protection program!"

He advises Nancy to take a step back. "You've got to read your impact on other people," says Dr. Phil.

"I'm not in the habit of taking cell phone calls during conversations," justifies Gordon. "But I'm pretty shy so I was just praying at that point in time that someone would call me. Sometimes when people come on a little strong, it scares me a little bit."

Gordon confesses: "When phones are on vibrate, you don't even actually have to have someone be there. You can just pick it up and start talking."

Kevin, right, explains why he left the party so promptly. "I think attraction is a very subjective thing," he says. "It's not to discount any of the girls that were there, to say that they weren't attractive, I just wasn't personally attracted to any of them."

He adds, "I know within 15 to 20 seconds of seeing someone, whether I'm physically attracted to them."