Psychic Dramas: Audience Readings

James begins his readings with an ominous announcement. "There's a guy here who died on a motorcycle," he says, glancing around the room.

A curly-haired woman stands. "My friend died on a motorcycle," she says.

"Was he in a band, or wanted to do music?" James inquires. "Are you in a band? Are you singing together?"

"My best friend, whom I live with."

"Did she know him?"

"Yeah. We all were good friends from high school," the woman replies.

"He wants to say hello there. There's a Michael also," James says.

The woman dabs at her eyes as the psychic's words sink in. "His last name was Michaels," she reveals.

"There's someone who has his jacket," James says. "His mom is still alive, is she?"

The woman nods, putting her hands to her face in shock.

"I want you to give this information to his mother. She has a jacket she holds onto, and it's in her closet at home."

"A leather jacket," the woman confirms.

"A lot of love to you and the people in your music. He's trying to help you with the music," James says.

James asks for another volunteer, and a woman named Lisa rises.

"When your dad passed, right before he passed, was there a problem with his breathing?" James asks.

"Yeah," Lisa replies.

"I feel either there's life support or there's oxygen for him to breathe," James says. "He's standing right next to you. He's somewhere reading books. A lot of reading going on here. I'm not sure if the reading is for you or for him, but a lot of different books. Also, in the place where you live, there's a den or an office, a lot of books or pages and things."

Lisa takes a deep breath, closing her eyes.

"Who likes the crosswords, by the way?"

"Me," Lisa says with a laugh, tears glistening in her eyes. "I was doing crosswords on the plane all the way to Alabama for the funeral."

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