Psychic Dramas: Diane

"Right now, there's a little boy spirit attached to me. The spirit's name is Jerry. I'm not crazy," Diane says with a nervous laugh. "I contacted a psychic, and she felt that Jerry was a 10-year-old boy who was in a murder-suicide. The mother had killed him."


Diane describes her supernatural encounters. "Initially, he was very active. If he passed by me, I could feel his energy. I would see a little bit of air move. It wasn't too long before I heard him speak. I woke up one morning, and this little voice about a yard away said, 'Hello,'" she mimics in an eerie voice. "Now he's opened up a lot more. I hear him daily, night and day. I'm often telling Jerry to go to the Light, and his comment is, ‘Don't want to go home unless you can come with me.' When Jerry gets angry, he will zap me, and it's like an electrical shock

. Sometimes, it's on my foot, my leg. It could be on my arm, my hand. You know that he's angry because it's really sharp."

Diane's friend, Jennie, expresses skepticism. "The more I got to hear about it, the more worried I was about her and her well-being," Jennie shares. "I used to go up to her apartment all the time. I never saw anything. I never heard anything. I never felt anything in that house."

Diane fears that the wraith is becoming more aggressive. "In the bathtub, I'll get an electrical shock that will come out of my foot in the water. The last time that happened, I thought, ‘God, I'm not safe anywhere.' He'll zap the phone off if I talk for longer than what he wants me to be talking. That has happened numerous times," she says. "Jerry takes my energy away from me to support his own energy. At night is the worst. When I sleep, I have to pack pillows behind and in front of me, two covers over me, a book on my head and another cover on top of that. That is to protect myself from the electrical energy that I feel coming down on to me. If I roll over, and I wake up just slightly, if he's not there, I'll hear him coming towards me. He's with me all the time. I'm an RN [registered nurse], and because he was starting to bother me so much there, I couldn't concentrate. I left work. I decided I can't do this anymore."

During Diane's interview, a light suddenly flickers out. She sits in darkness with a knowing look. "I think our little Jerry's acting out. I think he's getting a little perturbed and angry," she says. "Just as I said that, I have shivers down my legs right to my foot. He doesn't know what's going on, and he's frightened, and he's letting us know."

Dr. Phil arranged for James to meet with Diane before the show to try and detect the mischievous phantom.

"As I go into this reading with James, I'm a little bit nervous. I'm not confident that he's going to help me," Diane reveals.

After exchanging pleasantries, the medium gets right down to business. "I know you've had some problems. You believe a child is around you," he says.

"Yes," Diane replies.

"Who is Nancy?"

"Nancy is my older sister."

"Has Nancy passed on?"


"Because there's a Nancy standing here right behind you. Your mother has also passed over, hasn't she?"


"Because I'm picking her up over here," James says, gesturing to Diane's left. "I also want to tell you that there's a man who comes in here, and I believe it's a father figure. I feel your father here very much. Your father is showing me, he's projecting to me, a house on a lake. He's looking out there, and that for him is relaxation, a place to go and relax."

"Right, right," Diane says with a surprised smile.

"I know you want to know about this little boy, but I'm not seeing him yet," James says. "When did you start seeing this child?"

"It was two years ago."

"There's a David here, and for some reason he says he's connected with you, as far as family-wise," James says. "He's showing me a ring."

Diane gives a startled cry. "My daughter's first husband was David," she says.


"I feel a bit of a temper. I feel this man died quickly."

"Yes, they weren't married long."

"Was there someone else involved with his death?" James probes.


"He keeps on talking about someone else's hands. I'm seeing this very clearly. My guides want me to stop right here because there's more to discuss tomorrow," James says.

Although James didn't detect Diane's wayward wraith during their meeting, he tells Dr. Phil that he discerned other spirits. "I saw [her sister] Nancy. I saw her parents, and I saw a dog, a cocker spaniel, and I saw this guy, David," he says.

"You have a cocker?" Dr. Phil asks Diane.

"When I was young," she replies. "My father did."

"I picked up this man, David, very, very strongly with her. He was very upset. His head was hurt, I feel, like it was a gun or something, or he was shot," James explains. "Was his head involved at all?"

"Yes," Diane replies.

"I picked up on something to do with fast running, running, and it was the wrong place at the wrong time," James tells her. "I also picked up there was glass around here " and I don't know if someone was in a car or near a car " but he was in a car or near a car when killed. Does that make sense?"

"That makes sense," she answers.

"He's P.O.'ed about his death, and I feel he's around you, and he wants the attention that he never got," James explains. "Was he Latin?"


"I feel, like, a Latin person here and very strong. He's a control freak. He doesn't want anyone taking his life away. He was upset that his life was over," James says. "Someone shot him."

Dr. Phil addresses Diane. "You didn't recognize this [presence] as Jerry " I'm talking about this like he's standing here," he says. "Is it possible that it's been mislabeled, that it is David?"

"Yes," Diane says.

"She says it's ruining her life. How does she get rid of this presence?" Dr. Phil asks James. 

"I'm going to take care of her," James vows. "I'm going to do a training program with her, and I'll help her with this. There are techniques; there are protection techniques."

Diane says she will accept the help. "I don't even know how to tell you my appreciation," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to Diane's friend, Jennie, in the audience. "You don't care what it is, as long as it goes away, right?"

"That's right," she replies. "It's bothering her so much, and it's getting worse."

Dr. Phil says that although he is providing an alternative solution to Diane's ghostly dilemma, mental illness should not be ruled out. "I'm not saying you are or aren't [mentally ill], because I haven't diagnosed you, but you have to consider all possibilities," he says.

"Yes, absolutely," Diane replies.

Dr. Phil turns to James. "How do you know she's not just schizophrenic?" he asks.

"I'm psychic. Hello?" he replies with a wide grin.