Psychic Dramas: Jennifer Love Hewitt

"It's hard to play Melinda Gordon every day and not start to believe a little bit in the spirit world. Death is not a fun subject. It's not something everybody wants to sit around and talk about," says actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. "I was scared of this subject. I still am nervous about it. It's not something that any of us really want to face, and me sort of being a little bit of a control freak, too, that's not something you control."

On the show, Melinda helps troubled spirits cross over into The Light. But is Jennifer a believer in the afterlife? "I definitely do believe that our energy is strong enough as human beings to not just pass away one day and have that end. That energy stays behind," she says. "The idea of being able to look over the people you love after you pass away " what better gift is there?

"James Van Praagh is a great man. He and I have had the opportunity to get a unique friendship going," she continues. "The experiences that he's had as a medium, and what he's been able to share with me, have been extraordinary."

Jennifer describes several odd occurrences she's experienced on the set of Ghost Whisperer. "We've had lights explode over people's heads. It would be completely cool to the touch. I don't know how to explain it," she recalls. "We've seen light stands that they use on sets literally scoot themselves into a different place on the set."

Despite the seemingly haunted happenings on Ghost Whisperer, the actress believes her show sends a positive message. "I have a lot of people who I know are going to pass away one day, and I feel comfort, like, hopefully, America does every Friday night. For that, I'm incredibly grateful," she says. 


Ghost Whisperer airs Friday nights at 8:00 PT/ET only on CBS.

Sitting with James, Dr. Phil makes a startling announcement. "They are telling me on the prompter there that there was a jazz musician named Maynard Ferguson who worked on the lot from 1953 to 1956, and he is deceased," he says, alluding to James' earlier declaration. 

"That could be who it is," James says. "One thing I also wanted to tell you: cemeteries are not haunted. Why is that? They need human energy to sustain themselves. You're not going to find any energy in a cemetery. Everyone's dead."

Dr. Phil wonders aloud if James can sense any activity around him. "Is there, like, a fuzziness or aura?" he asks.

"Both. I can see your aura," James replies. "The aura is the electromagnetic field around you. Every living thing has that. Depending on your thoughts, and your emotions and your physical health, those colors will depict that. For instance, if you're a very spiritual person, there will be a lot of indigo and purple around you. If you're a humanitarian, a lot of green, which is healing, and so forth. You have that. You also have a lot of red, and you have a lot of yellow. Yellow is intellect and mental energy."

"This guy is good!" Dr. Phil jokes, giving James the thumbs-up.