Psychic Dramas: Mercedes and Glenn
"My mom is very addicted to psychics," complains Glenn. "It's something she's been doing as long as I've been born. My mom spends up to $500 a month on psychics. These psychics are blowing smoke up my mom's *. They're preying on the weak. If you really want to help someone, why are you charging them money?"

Mercedes admits that she's hooked on the hotlines. "I call psychics up to four times a day," she says. "I currently have 18 psychics. Every time I have an issue, I have to call the psychic " any problem with my kids, my job, even coming to the show today."

"In December, the psychics were telling her that her husband's being unfaithful. It was 15 different psychics," Glenn says. "It's like a pack of hyenas. It's a feeding frenzy."

"A psychic told me to divorce. We have been separated for about a year," Mercedes reveals.

"These psychics are making my mom isolate herself. She doesn't have many friends," Glenn says.

Mercedes says her addiction was born out of a family tragedy. "My 20-year-old sister was shot and killed. I wanted to know about the feelings she had before she passed away," she reveals. But what began as a solitary consultation evolved into utter dependence. "If I don't call a psychic, I feel stressed out. My heart starts pounding. When I speak to the psychic, afterwards, I feel peace."

"I wish my mother would listen to Dr. Phil as much as she listens to these psychics," Glenn says.

"What is it you want to know?" Dr. Phil asks Mercedes.

"I want to make sure that I'm going to be OK, that I'm going to find a job, that my kids are going to be OK," she replies. "Basically, I call them for almost anything, any issue that I have."

"And you're asking someone who's charging you $8 a [minute] if you're going to be OK? They're going to be OK," Dr. Phil says. 

He addresses Glenn. "You think they're just scamming her, right?"

"Nine times out of 10," he replies. "Anybody can start a Web site. There are no qualifications."

"There is no screening," Dr. Phil agrees. He turns to Mercedes. "They're just a voice on the phone. It could be anybody. You can't put your life on hold because some person on the other end of the phone said don't get a job until February. You might get hungry in January!"

James gives his reading of the situation. "You're very intuitive. You're very sensitive," he tells Mercedes. "You really have to start working on your inner voice and using that, not looking outside of yourself."

"He says intuitive and sensitive. I say vulnerable. I think you're getting exploited," Dr. Phil chimes in. "If there's a voice you want to listen to, the guy sitting right next to you there seems to me to have his feet squarely on the ground."

"It's tough competing with so many different voices in her head," Glenn says.

Dr. Phil says the future doesn't look bright for Mercedes if she doesn't empower herself. "You need to swear off this for 30 days, and I think you're going to look back and say, ‘Oh, my God,'" he predicts. "If you had even the last five years of $4,000 back " if you had $20,000 in your pocket right now " that would foretell a future, a financial future. I think you're getting had, you're getting conned, you're getting scammed."