Psychic Investigations: Dr. Phil's reading

Dr. Phil's First-Ever Psychic Reading
Robin joins Dr. Phil onstage to discuss the outcome of his first-ever psychic reading.

“Robin is very intuitive naturally,” Char says. “Robin is amazing.”
“Oh, tell me about it; she’s a Betazoid,” Dr. Phil quips.
Dr. Phil shows a video of his reading:

"I'm a healthy skeptic," Dr. Phil tells Char.

"That's good," Char responds.

"But I'm not a cynic," Dr. Phil adds.
“Is there anyone named Jerri or Gerald?” Char asks Dr. Phil.
“My mother’s name was Jerri,” he responds.
“Is there a Gerald?” Char asks.
Dr. Phil says his mother had a brother named Gerald, who died years before he was born.
“That’s who she’s saying she’s with,” Char says. She asks if Dr. Phil’s grandfather or father worked with his hands, using tools, and he says no. She then asks Dr. Phil if he ever encountered an engine problem while flying, and he says yes.
“I’m a pilot, and I was flying an airplane, and lost the engine and had to make a dead-stick landing,” he responds.
[AD]“Obviously, guardian angels were watching over you because they’re showing me that this was one time in your life when you could have not made it, and that you were very protected,” Char says. She says Dr. Phil’s mother is bringing up an incident with a go-kart, which he cannot recall. She also mentions an issue with his mother’s gravestone.
Find out why Robin was called in during Dr. Phil's reading.

See what happens when Char uncovers secret information during Robin's reading!