Psychic Investigations: John and Char

Communicating with the Dead
World-renowned psychic medium and host of the web series The Five John Edward joins Dr. Phil along with intuitive medium and author of Love Karma Char Margolis. Both believe that all answers in life are found by combining logic, common sense and a little psychic intuition.

Char says she calls herself an intuitive medium because she believes in intuition and that the future can change at any moment, based upon one person’s decisions. “When I give a reading, my mind goes blank,” she says. “I feel the energy of the person I’m talking to, and then I wait for a thought to come into my head.”
John refers to himself as a psychic medium because he feels that a psychic is similar to a doctor, and a medium — connecting people with the other side — is his specialty. “I see, hear and feel [the deceased person’s] energy,” he says. “This work is not about dead people,” he tells Dr. Phil. “It’s really about living people and honoring them while they’re here — both positive and negative. If somebody’s pissing you off, let them know that.”

[AD]Dr. Phil notes that Char and John made it very clear that they did not want to know anything about anyone they would encounter on the show in order to ensure the authenticity of their readings. “We sat with our producers, and we took extra precautions,” Dr. Phil tells viewers. “Normally, I receive a huge research book, like this one, for every single show,” Dr. Phil says while holding a thick binder filled with papers. “Here’s what I got today,” he says, waving a few papers in the air.

Meagan, 27, Bridgette, 20, and Melissa, 24, approach from the audience, hoping to contact a deceased relative. Char begins the reading, and picks up on a motherly figure. “Are you guys all together?” Char asks the women, and they reveal that they’re sisters. Char asks whether their mother died unexpectedly, and they say yes. Char then asks about a man named John, and the women grow uncomfortable.

“Her ex-husband,” Meagan says. The women tell Char that he is also deceased.
Char tells the sisters that their mother has something to say about John. “This is really funny,” Char says. “He’s looking up at us,” she says, suggesting that he's not in heaven.
“That’s good,” Bridgette responds.
“That makes sense,” Melissa says.
“She’s looking down on us,” Char adds.
[AD]John interrupts the reading and asks, “Was there a murder-suicide connection?”
The women explain, in horrific detail, what happened to their mother.

The sisters say their mother, who would have been 45, was killed nine months ago. Holding hands, they tell Dr. Phil that the information they received is comforting.
“It’s good to know that he’s looking up,” Melissa says.John connects with a deceased man who references a Sagittarius connection, a brain-related illness and the initials R.M., or the name Robert Michael.

Kathy, an audience member, stands up along with two other relatives, including her daughter, Shannon. “I’m Sagittarian,” Kathy says.

“And the Michael connection is where?” John asks.

“My brother,” Shannon says. She explains that her father and brother passed away within 14 months of each other.

John seems slightly baffled when he passes along the next message: “You have my liver.” He asks the family to explain. “Did somebody donate their liver?”

Kathy says that her husband’s cousin donated a liver.

“Did that cousin also pass?” John asks.

[AD]Choking back tears, Kathy and Shannon say yes.

John says Kathy’s husband wants her to search the side of his favorite chair when she gets home.

After the show, Kathy and Shannon scour the piece of furniture and uncover a writing pen. Kathy says her husband was a cartoon addict and did a lot of drawing. "So, it seems like a silly thing, but it’s here, and it wasn’t here before,” she says.