Psychic Investigations: Jolene and Predictions

Finding Love with Psychic Help
Jolene is in search of the perfect guy. Char reads the potential suitors — Burt, Nate, Chris, Jay, David and Joey, who says his mother has an issue with everybody — before Jolene meets them at a psychic mixer.

Jolene says out of all the men, she liked Joey the best.
“Were you concerned about his mother issues?” Dr. Phil asks Jolene, and she says she wasn’t aware of that fact.
“Now I am,” she says with a laugh.
Numerologist and author of Love by the Numbers Glynis McCants joins the show. She says numerology proves that Joey is the worst match for Jolene. “When you have a challenge with someone, you always have chemistry, and you felt chemistry with him,” she tells Jolene. “But it’s actually toxic.” Glynis says that Jolene tends to attract guys who have problems and need to be rescued. She reveals her choice for Jolene based on numerology: Todd, who did not attend the mixer and was not read by Char. “It’s a natural match for you,” she tells Jolene. She also says Chris would make a good match.
[AD]Dr. Phil asks Jolene if she would consider going out on a date with Todd, and she says she would love to.

Glynis tells Dr. Phil that he and Robin are soul mates, based on their numbers — seven and four, respectively. “[Robin] is actually your rock,” she tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil asks John, Char and Glynis what their predictions are for 2012.

“Number one: Pay all your bills, because the world is not ending in 2012,” John says. “Number two: I don’t like the word predictions, I like the word projections, and the projection that I see, specifically as a culture, is a lot of tearing down of institutions and the breakdown of current models that are not working.”
[AD]“My feeling is that the 2012 theory is more about going from a material world to a spiritual world,” Char says.
Glynis says 2012 carries a 5 world number, which she says is great. “It means there’s never a dull moment, fasten your seat belts, write down everything you want to accomplish, because it’s going to move really quickly,” she says. "I see it as very exciting."
Glynis explains what your Personal Year Cycle numbers mean for the year ahead!

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