Diva Dymond
Tiffany says her daughter, Dymond, 10, is a total diva whose spa treatments have become a "must."

"I get a manicure and pedicure once a week," Dymond says. She says she also gets her hair done on a regular basis. "I get a wash and dry and [style]."

Her mother adds that in addition to her facial, she will get her eyebrows waxed, putting a price tag of Dymond's spa visits at around $600 per month.

Dymond's quest to have it all doesn't stop at the spa. "My birthday party is going to be humungous," the tween says. "I'm going to have a Hummer limo, club theme, VIP passes and a red carpet."

[AD]"I don't want to say no to her," Tiffany says. "She will cry. She will pout. She will have her little temper tantrum. She is like a 2-year-old. Dymond wants more than I can afford to give her."

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