Miley Look-a-Like
Ten-year-old Taylor has already asked her parents for Juviderm and Botox. Her mother, Christina, says her daughter's desire to look different is only natural, but her father, Gus, doesn't want anyone touching his child's face.

Christina admits to spoiling Taylor. "She got her first Louis Vitton [purse] when she was 2 years old," she says. "She wears the best clothes and shoes. Your appearance is everything."

"A lot of my friends tell me that I look like Miley [Cyrus] except for my freckles," Taylor says. "I want to have a lot of plastic surgery to look like [her]. It's OK for a kid my age to have Botox and Juviderm." She says the Juviderm would plump up her lips and Botox would rid her forehead of wrinkles.

"Taylor is way too young," Gus says. "She's a kid, and I want to keep her as a kid. I tell her that she needs to be her own unique person. She needs to be herself."

"At 13 or 14, I would allow Taylor to have her freckles removed," Christina says in contrast.

[AD]"I'm willing to go through pain to get them zapped off," Taylor says.

Taylor's father sees that Taylor is just trying to emulate her mother. "Monkey see, monkey do," he says.

"The one thing that will make me happy is looking like Miley," Taylor adds.

Listen to Taylor's mother rationalize plastic surgery for her tween daughter.

Dr. Franklin Rose has been Christina's plastic surgeon for the last 15 years, but refuses to perform any procedure on 10-year-old Taylor. He says that he's told both Christina and Taylor that they need to wait several years before altering her appearance in any way.

"Are there dangers to doing procedures on a child that is still growing and developing?" Dr. Phil asks.

Dr. Rose explains that the skin is very tender and thin on a child and plastic surgery is ill-advised on someone that young.

Taylor, now joining Dr. Phil on stage, says looking like Miley Cyrus will make her happy.

"But wouldn't you rather look like Taylor?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]"Yes," Taylor says sheepishly. She insists, though, that looking like Miley is the key to her being happy. She adds that she has ambitions of being a star.

"Wouldn't you be more successful as a singer being Taylor?" Dr. Phil asks.

"But I think looking like Miley Cyrus will help me get there," she says.

"I would quarrel with you to the ends of the Earth about this."