What's Next?
Mary says she wants an independent examination of the new evidence gathered. Of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, she says, "I prefer that they don’t touch my sister’s case at all anymore. We have lost trust in them.”

“It’s really hard for them to re-investigate themselves,” Paul says of the police. “It probably wouldn’t be fair to ask them. I don’t think we’d get the fair shake that we need on this. So, it should be someone independent of them.”

[AD]Anne agrees, adding that she, Mary and Doug had all asked the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department not to close the case initially. “They closed the case anyway and ruled it a suicide,” she says.

“My goal is to help you move toward healing — for you and your family,” Dr. Phil tells Mary. “That will always be my goal. I hope the time will come when we can sit down and say, ‘Having been true and loyal to my sister, I can now minister to myself and my family in this time of loss.’ We’ll look to that.”