Relationship Rescue Retreat Finale: Eric and Jennifer

Relationship Rescue Retreat Finale: Eric and Jennifer
In the dramatic conclusion, six couples who were on the verge of divorce return for an update.
"Since we've been home, things have been going really well," says Jennifer, who credits the moment Dr. Phil made her realize she's a right-fighter as her "eye opener." "I kind of had an epiphany at that moment," she explains. "It doesn't matter if you're right. I can't be right all the time and still let Eric leave a conversation with dignity."

Jennifer no longer corrects Eric's grammar. She says, "I started to

cry when Dr. Phil asked me if I thought Eric was a dummy because I realized how much pain that I must've been causing him when I was correcting his grammar." Now, Jennifer lets her husband be himself. "He doesn't have to do things my way because he has his own way, and that's good," she says. "The best thing that I got was my husband back."
"The Relationship Rescue Retreat was truly enlightening," says Eric. "When Dr. Phil repeated the nasty things, publicly, that I said about my wife, I felt ashamed." Eric no longer calls his wife names, and is now more plugged in as a husband and a father. "When I come home from work, I dedicate the first half hour to my son," he explains. "Dr Phil has said to treat your wife like you would treat your best friend. Since that, our friendship is the single most important thing."

Dr. Phil asks Eric, "One of the things we talked about was you spending hours a day playing video games instead of spending time with the little one. So, what's up with the video games?"

"I took the game and I wrapped it up, and I'm going to give it to my son," Eric explains, "because that's what games are for — for boys and not adults."
"And when he's old enough, you can play it together," says Dr. Phil.

"That's right," says Eric.

"So how's your wife doing?" Dr. Phil asks Eric.

"I love my wife. She's a hero to me," he replies.

Dr. Phil asks Jennifer about her "right-fighting."

"Well, it's really hard, but I think I'm doing a good job," says Jennifer. "I have to read a few pages of Relationship Rescue on a regular basis to remind myself."

"Do you correct my grammar as you go along?" Dr. Phil jokes.

"No, I don't," she says, laughing.

Dr. Phil tells Eric, "You talked about the courage that she's shown in getting here. I think you've shown great courage while you were here, I think you've shown great courage and commitment since you left here, and I think we're all better for having known you two."

"Thank you," says Eric.