Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale: Mike and Kimberly

Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale: Mike and Kimberly
In the dramatic conclusion, six couples who were on the verge of divorce return for an update.
"Since we've been back from the retreat," says Kimberly, "my outlook on everything has changed. My husband, my family ... It's just ... it's phenomenal." The moment that opened Kimberly's eyes was when Dr. Phil pointed out that she needed to forgive herself for being the "other woman" when she first met Mike, in order for their marriage to stand a chance. "That was the moment where I just went, 'He's right,' says Kimberly.

Mike realized how much he was contaminating the relationship when Dr. Phil repeated the names that he often called Kimberly. "To hear him say those words to me, it was one of the most horrible feelings I ever had," says Mike, who has since plugged back into his marriage, including no longer working out of town, which kept him away from his family all week.
Mike now helps Kimberly around the house, and often lets her get some alone time while he cares for their kids. "The changes with Kimberly and I have impacted Zach and Drew tremendously," says Mike. "There's a lot more love in the house ... I feel like I have my life back and my wife back." Mike has even reported that they're "like a couple of teenagers again."

Kimberly is happy to report they are two different people since the retreat. "It's awesome to be able to say, 'The man I fell in love with is the man I am married to," says Kimberly.
"So how do you keep this alive going forward?" Dr. Phil asks them.

"Every day we look at each other and say, 'OK, this is who we are, and this is who we're going to be,'" says Kimberly. They have decided that they will never go back to who they were before the retreat, especially for the sake of their kids. "They are two brand new kids and we look at them and say, 'This is the life they need to live. They don't need to grow up like we did. They need a different example, and we're going to be those examples,'" she says.

Dr. Phil comments on how their change has affected the kids. "What a gift that is to them," he says. "When you stop that and change that, then you see them blossom. And that's what family is supposed to be all about right?"

"Absolutely," Mike and Kimberly agree.