Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale: Paul and Nora

Relationship Rescue Retreat: Finale: Paul and Nora
In the dramatic conclusion, six couples who were on the verge of divorce return for an update.

"The forgiveness exercise helped me let go of the affair and a lot of the resentments that I've had toward Nora," says Paul. After watching a video that showed the aftermath of one of their fights, Paul realized he has anger issues: "I saw all the damage I did, and I saw her skinned knees and it made me feel like garbage. I walk by the hole that I punched in the wall every day, and it scares me that I could rage that badly."

Paul says he was excited about the anger management counseling that Dr. Phil sent them to. "The session reiterated how I need to keep my cool under all circumstances," says Paul. "I look forward to coming home," he adds, "and I can see us lasting and having a great
future together."

Nora also sees a difference. "The one big moment that changed me the most was when I realized that I do need to take my walls down and let Paul in and be vulnerable to him," says Nora. "The best thing that we got out of the retreat was to forgive each other. It was nice to leave all our baggage there."

"You don't think that you have an anger problem?" Dr. Phil asks Nora.

"No," says Nora.

"OK. Do you think waking him up in the middle of the night to keep screaming fights going is an anger problem?"

Nora disagrees. "That's needing his attention, needing him to listen to me and validate what I'm saying. I'm not doing it because I'm angry; I'm doing it because I'm desperate for that attention from him."

Dr. Phil argues that Nora's behaviors are aggressive, such as her pinching Paul to keep him awake, and prying his eyes open.

"I was helping him stay awake so he can listen," justifies Nora.
"If you call waking him up in the middle of the night, pulling the covers off of him, opening the door so he'll be too cold to sleep, pinching him and prying his eyes open, if you call that just being needy ... Then we'll just call this needy management," says Dr. Phil.

"That's better," says Nora.

"All I want is for you guys to manage this going forward. I just want you to look at yourselves like, 'What can I do to keep this moving forward?'" Dr. Phil tells them.