Relationship Rescue Retreat: Parental Legacy: A Plan

Relationship Rescue Retreat: Parental Legacy: A Plan
Dr. Phil continues his intense workshop with six couples on the verge of divorce.At the end of the retreat, the couples are separated into two small groups, which are led by Robin and Dr. Phil's colleague, Scott. Each participant is asked to state what their plan is for their marriages when they return home.

Jennifer and Eric
In her group, Jennifer says, "I want to treat my husband with respect, and let him leave an argument with his self-esteem intact."

In his own group, Eric states what kind of man Jennifer is going home with. "She's going home with a man who's changed for the better, for himself and for his family," says Eric.

"Tell her she's getting her husband back," says Dr. Phil.

"She is getting her husband back," responds Eric.

"I believe you," Dr. Phil tells him.
Donna and Vinnie
In her group, Donna says, "I want to be nice to him and five minutes after he walks in the door, I'm mad at him."

"Do you have any identity for yourself because all you do is talk about him, him, him, him," says Dr. Phil. "You are whiney and you are sucky and you have absolutely no backbone or guts about you whatsoever. Do you call friends and go to lunch?"

Donna says she does, but she ends up talking about Vinnie.

"I'll bet you they just want to bring ropes and hang themselves by dessert," Dr. Phil speculates. "Convince these people you're going to stop being a victim, stop obsessing about the past. Don't you say his name!"

"I just want to move on," says Donna. "Start a fresh everything."

In his own group, Vinnie shares, "More than anything, I want a harmonious life. I don't want any more yelling, any more fighting. I've got a pretty big heart and I don't have a problem giving it all to her. I want my marriage back, my family back."
Rene and Gelsy
Rene stands in his group. "I guess my biggest goal is to make my wife as happy as possible," he says.

"What are you going to have to do to make her happy?" asks Robin.

"Change the way that I act," he responds. "Bottom line, my attitude sucks. It sucks bad."

In her own group, an emotional Gelsy is questioned by Dr. Phil: "What would it feel like if you could just say, 'I need to accept myself. I don't have to be perfect.'?"

"It would feel like I'm flying," says Gelsy, tears running down her face. "I could just live my life."

"What are you going to do when that voice creeps in that says, 'Hey watch it, something's not right'?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm just going to ignore it," says Gelsy.

Dr. Phil leans in. "When you hear that voice, you're going to remember that big, bald guy on your shoulder."
Nora and Paul
When it's her turn, Nora says, "I'm going to take time to listen to Paul more. I'm going to let him say what he needs to say so he feels heard and he feels understood."

"How are you going to do that?" Scott asks.

"Shutting up for one," says Nora. "I've just got to let go and stop being angry and bitter."

In his own group, Paul reveals, "I'm scared to fail."

"Oh, you'll fail!" Dr. Phil tells him. "You know what failures are? They're people who quit while they are failing. You know who winners are? They're just people who didn't quit while they were failing. Yeah, it's kind of scary, but you don't want to just sit on the sidelines."

"I haven't taken the reins," says Paul. "If I was to do that, it will help."
Deanna and Rob
"I want a home that my husband wants to come home to, and my children are excited to live in," says Deanna. "I am so going to do this! What I've had isn't working, and what I want is simply a decision away!"

Rob declares, "If there's one goal in my life, it's to make my wife the most joyous person in the world."

"What's it going to take for you to do that?" Robin asks him.

"It's going to take me dealing with my grief that I've just bottled up inside. It's going to take me dealing with my alcohol issues. I have to fix me first," says Rob.
Kimberly and Mike
Standing before her group, Kimberly says, "I want to trust my husband enough to let him to do what he needs to do."

In his group, Mike says, "I want my wife and I to be on the same page. And be able to tell her what my pain is so she can help."

"How would that feel inside to you?" Scott asks.

"There's a void in there so big right now, you can drive a truck through it and it'll start to patch it," says Mike.

Dr. Phil gets Kimberly and leads her over to Mike. He tells her, "Ask him this question: 'Mike have we found our way home?'"

An emotional Kimberly asks her husband, "Mike, have we found our way home?"

"Yes. We got back on the road we started on. I love you," he tells her.

"I love you too," says Kimberly, and they embrace.