Unexpected Outcome

Elizabeth joins the show via phone, and Dr. Phil asks her, "You really resented the fact that [your husband's ex-wife] created so much turmoil and dragged things out so long, correct?"


"Yes. I had a huge grudge," she admits. She explains that she exacted revenge by getting her husband's ex in trouble with immigration, because the woman was in the country illegally. "I tried to have her fired first. I contacted her employer and let them know she was illegal, and they needed to fire her or else," Elizabeth says.  

"What was in this for you by creating misery in her life?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"I didn't think about that, but it absolutely did not. I did not gain anything from it whatsoever," she says. "Now that I've done this, I think once people question your character, and your values and what type of person you are, I don't think that you can ever really completely redeem yourself. So, that's something people need to think about."


"What's been the big backlash here for you?" Dr. Phil asks.


"His children, who I care for deeply, and, of course, they're not happy," she says. 


"You fear that they would resent you for attacking the woman that they love?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Absolutely," Elizabeth replies.


Dr. Phil offers Elizabeth advice for moving past her bad actions. "Forgiveness is very important here, for you of her and for you of you. And, with regard to those children, I think you need to look them in the eye and say, 'Look, you guys know what's been going on here. I regret that I did it. I'm sorry that I did it. I will not pursue this any further, and it was a mistake on my part, and I hope that you'll forgive me,'" he says. "When you step up and own it and ask for forgiveness, I think you'll be able to put this behind you, because it sounds to me that you're in very much pain about this, and that you really are sorry for what you've done."

[AD]"I am, absolutely," Elizabeth confirms. She agrees to do what Dr. Phil has suggested.