Revenge Revisited: Roommate

Revenge Revisited: Roommate

Dr. Phil reads an e-mail from Todd's former roommate, Carol. "'I have a roommate who was recently on your show. He is still fixated with his wife. He told me today that he still loves her. He has hurt me financially by not paying his rent. I no longer feel that I can trust or believe anything he says to me,'" he reads. "I don't know whether he has a romantic relationship with her, or if he's just renting a room."


"I don't," Todd says.


Dr. Phil reveals that Carol is on the phone and has been listening to the show. He asks her for her thoughts.


"I'm very upset that I even let his man into my home after everything I have found out about him. He is nothing but a habitual liar. He has owed me money from the day he came into my home. I felt sympathy for him. I allowed him to come into my home with no money," she says, growing emotional.


"Have you had a romantic relationship with this man?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"No," she replies. "This is strictly a roommate situation. Because of Todd not paying his bills, and my landlord taking the last straw and not believing any of the promises of when I was going to pay because Todd has not kept his promises " "


"I'm so sorry that has happened to you," Dr. Phil says. He asks Todd, "Is she telling the truth? Have you failed to pay her?"


"I have failed to pay her on time, absolutely. I've switched jobs twice," he says. 


"He's had four jobs since he's been here," Carol says. 

"Confused, and self-destructive and reckless behavior. Yes, I admit to that," Todd says. "And [Deborah] experienced that. Like I said, I wasn't there for her, you know? I should have acted totally different and these things, I'm glad they're coming out. I don't know how many more you've got in your stack."


"Oh, my gosh, I've got a deck here," Dr. Phil says, noting that he has a letter from Todd's childhood friend and a co-worker. "You said that you wanted to hurt this woman. Look her in the eye. So, just how rich is the reward?"


"Looking at her now is totally devastating," Todd says.


"Well, you wanted revenge, and you got it," Dr. Phil reminds him.


"That's not what I want," Todd says. 


[AD]"You made her think you were dead and hurt her in that way. It starts a grieving process when you think somebody's dead. You wanted her locked up. They storm-trooped the house. They put her in shackles," Dr. Phil says. "They put her in an orange jumpsuit. They put her in a cell with a bunk and a commode. They treated you like a criminal, right?"


Deborah nods, fighting back tears.


"I can never take that back. But hurting her, seeing this anguish in her face " " Todd says.


Deborah doesn't hold back when she expresses her thoughts to Todd.

"This is so outrageous that I have a hard time finding the words to express the dysfunction in this relationship," Dr. Phil says. "One of the things I said from the minute I ever stepped on the Oprah show 13 years ago, I had one commitment and that was when I got through talking, I didn't think people should have to guess where I stand. And when you were here before, I said to shut it down, get out, move on. You are bad for one another. Do not do this, do not play house, do not drag it out, do not try to get therapy and fix this. Move on, get out, go. Was I clear?"


[AD]"Yes," Deborah replies.


"But you decided, 'No, what does he know? I'm going to do what I want to do.' And how did that work for you?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Not very well," she says.


Todd shares a final message with Deborah.


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