Fabricated Story?

Todd explains that four days after they returned home, there was a physical altercation. "I was going to call 911. She grabs the phone. I leave the home. I go up the street. Somehow, I got scratched, or cut or something like that. I didn't really notice it. I flagged down this police officer, and once they saw the cut on my arm and the blood, they wanted to know where the address was, and they took it from there. Boom! They were in there like cops, and it freaked me out. They had her down. They had their guns pulled and all kinds of crazy bananas things. I mean, it was unbelievable. It's not something you wish on anyone, and she deserved it to a degree, but not how they did it," he recalls. "When I saw her in the jail suit, in cuffs, for a brief moment, there was a little bit of satisfaction. It's kind of a karma thing, get what you deserve, because she had assaulted me before. It's not like this was a one-time thing."


A judge placed Deborah and Todd under a no-contact order. "This is where I sought revenge," Todd says. "I took the television, and the DVD player and all her goofy romantic comedy movies, and I pawned them. I wanted her to experience some loss, because she cost me my freedom. She took away all of my personal belongings. It did feel good. That felt good."


In studio, Dr. Phil reveals that Todd is alive and asks him to join them onstage. "You wanted revenge, and you got it," he says.


"I did," Todd replies.


"Did you do it by design?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Yes, I'd have to say I did," he admits. 


[AD]"You're here voluntarily, right? We didn't kidnap you and bring you here. And you want to be here," Dr. Phil asks Todd. 


"I do," he says. 


"I just want you to tell me the truth," Dr. Phil says. He asks Deborah, "Do you want this drama in your life?"


She shakes her head.  


"You have not seen him since the night you were arrested. How do you feel looking at him now?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I can't look at him. I don't want to look at him," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Todd, "When you say you did do this by design, did you fabricate the story to the police?"


"I did," he says.


"You filed a false police report to get her arrested," Dr. Phil says. He is surprised that the police in South Carolina put up with that, pointing out that in Texas and California, police don't like being jerked around. "When they're over there jacking with you, somebody who really does need help is not being attended to."


"I'll concur with what she said. She did not attack me with a knife or anything like that. We had an altercation over the telephone," Todd says.


"How did the blood get on you?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I had a scratch on my arm. I didn't even notice it. The police officer noticed the scratch," Todd says. 


[AD]Dr. Phil reads the police report that says, "Defendant did cut victim on the arm with a knife, causing painful injury." He says to Todd, "You told them that. You said, 'She pulled a knife on me and cut me, and you need to storm-troop the house, put her in shackles.' When somebody has committed a violent act with a weapon, they're going to take it seriously, because they don't want to get cut."


Todd reiterates that the police officer noticed his wound.


"I don't care who noticed it. I care who reported it. When he said, 'You have a scratch on your arm,' you said, 'She cut me with a knife,'" Dr. Phil points out.


"Once he noticed it, I did. I told a lie," Todd admits.

"Am I in a Twilight Zone?" Dr. Phil asks.


"That's what I feel like I've been in for the past six months," Deborah says.


"Before you get too self-righteous and sanctimonious, you called them over to your house and told them that he hit, kicked and punched you, and he spent 282 days in jail," Dr. Phil reminds her.


"But he did physically assault me. There's a big difference here in the two situations, Dr. Phil. I did not make that up," she says. 


"But you made up that he hit you and punched you, punched you and kicked you," Dr. Phil says.


"I was led by the police to embellish the story," Deborah claims.


"Was it fair that you spent the night in jail?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"No, not based on a total fabricated lie that was intentional to hurt me and destroy my life," Deborah says.


"And then Todd sent this e-mail, 'Bottom line, you are a nationally televised liar. You have zero credibility. You have no heart or soul. You will be 60 years old in eight years. Your marketability is about over. Think about it,'" Dr. Phil reads.


"Yeah, that's hurtful," Todd admits. "My feelings were very conflicted and up in the air with her."