Victim of Revenge

"I think about revenge everyday," says Todd, who spent 10 months in jail for assault, based on a charge his wife, Deborah, filed against him. "This was a totally false charge. There was no truth to it whatsoever." 


Todd says jail was a horrible experience. "You're around the rapists, and the murderers, and the drug addicts and the thieves. You're stripped of everything. You totally lose your dignity and humanity," he says. "When I was in jail and I thought of [Deborah], I saw red. She infuriated me by what she did to me, and to think she was out there enjoying herself and her freedom. I hated her. I couldn't stand her!"


[AD]Currently, Deborah and Todd's relationship is on the rocks. "It's the worst it's been during the entire two years of our marriage," Todd says. "Right now, I have thoughts of revenge against her, and I can't get rid of them. I think it would be a good idea if she spent 30 or 45 days in jail for what she did to me. She needs to be stripped of her freedom and her dignity, and she needs to go through humiliation. She needs to pay for what she did."

"There are a lot of things about this that are disturbing and shocking, but I've got to tell you, the one that is the most shocking to me after what I just saw is you've now reconciled with this woman," Dr. Phil says to Todd. "You're living with this woman again."


"That's the bizarre part of the whole thing," Todd admits.  


"What makes you think this is a different woman than the one you left behind when you left her five months before you went into jail?" Dr. Phil asks. "Has she changed her whole world, her whole life? Or is this the same girl who put you in jail for 10 months?"


"It's just like it was before I went into jail," Todd says. "The night of the alleged incident, she claimed that I pushed her. It was the day that I moved out, and she declined to file charges ... She waited six months before she went down to file the charges on me."


"What did you do to make her so focused on exacting this revenge on you?" Dr. Phil asks.  

I think I'm paying the freight on past relationships and difficulties she's experienced in the past," he says. "We were at each other's throats, neither one of us would back down, and we were coming at each other very hard. And it just reached a point of critical mass. I left and charges got filed."


[AD]"How did it feel when it hit you, 'They're going to put the cuffs on me and slam that door behind me for damn near a year'?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"I didn't think they could do it," Todd says. The police officer who took him to jail told him he would probably be let go. "They take everything from you, and you're in there, and I don't know what people know about it, but when you're in there, you have no communication ... and if you don't have a family, which I don't, or someone who's aware of what's going on with you, you're stuck.