A Livid Mother
“As Jordan’s mother, I’m absolutely livid,” Tammie says. “He’s having sex with my daughter. He’s a sexual predator. I think he groomed her for this. He met her when she was 14 years old, a young girl. He didn’t just meet her this year, randomly. He was in a position of authority. I believe he abuses authority, morally, ethically, and I believe, criminally. He knew better than to do this.”

“I know my mom is pretty mad,” Jordan says. “My mom has stated on Facebook that he is a child molester, that he is a pervert, that we sent 8,000 test messages back and forth — that was inaccurate.”

“Well, she’s certainly out to smear me, to make sure that I’m crucified,” James says about Tammie. “Jordan’s mom sent one text the day Jordan moved in. It starts out, ‘You belligerent, arrogant pervert, how dare you come to my home, pack a child’s belongings, have sex with a child. Your safety is in jeopardy. And please call the police ASAP. You had better say an extra prayer, you sick child molester. Now you will pay for your perversion and arrogance, I promise.’”

“I call James the arrogant pervert. To engage in a dialogue with a child at 17 shows a perversion,” Tammie says. “I think after the initial shell shock of all of this, I’m frustrated, I’m angry, but I’m adamant. I’m still going to collect and find information to have James Hooker arrested. I hope he goes to jail.”

Dr. Phil sits down with Jordan’s mother, Tammie, backstage.

Tammie has been watching the interview with James and her daughter. She tells Dr. Phil, “He contended this whole time that he’s had no contact with this kid as a minor, and that’s a lie. Those phone records indicate that he pursued her,” she says. She says her daughter always made it seem like James was a platonic, father-figure in her life, and because Jordan was in a four-year relationship with a boy her age up until one month ago, she didn’t have any reason to believe there was anything serious going on.

[AD]Tammie says the morning Jordan moved out was the day she discovered the romantic relationship.

“What did she tell you then?” Dr. Phil asks.

“That she had had sex with him, that it was true,” she says. Tammie says Jordan admitted to staying in hotels with James.

“This was while she was a student, but after she was 18,” he says.

Tammie agrees.
“What do you think about your daughter’s point of view? She says, ‘No, I’m in love.’ You know your daughter. What do you think?” Dr. Phil asks.

“She’s a child. It’s a child’s perspective. She’s in love, and next week, she could be in love with someone else. I don’t think she understands the magnitude of this,” she says.

Tammie says James was listed in Jordan’s phone as My Boo so that other students wouldn’t know that they were texting back and forth in class. She says her older daughter saw a text message on Jordan’s phone in January that something like “I’ll love you forever,” and “If I can get away, I don’t know if I can text you.”

“He says that you are very hostile toward him, which I certainly can understand,” Dr. Phil says. “And that this thing has spiraled out of control because you have started this smear campaign.”

[AD]“I tried civilly, administratively, legally … and I was at a point where high emotions create a level of irrationality. Either I go to jail, I get arrested, or I try a different forum,” she says. Tammie admits that she threatened to stab James if he stepped foot in her home. “That was based on emotion, but I felt that way.”

“Your belief is that you think that he’s violated his duties as an educator and teacher, whether she was 18 or not,” Dr. Phil says.

“Absolutely,” she says. “He was in a position of authority. He knew better, and he was impulsive and selfish, and he’s acted upon it.”