Bully Beatdown

Dr. Phil introduces Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller, host of the MTV show Bully Beatdown. "You need Mayhem Miller in your closet, so when he comes in there, you could just, like, open the door and say, 'Talk to my representative here,'" Dr. Phil says to Chad.  


"I heard you watch my show," Mayhem says to Chase.


"I sure do," he replies.


"In my show, we have guys who have your exact same attitude get beat up by professional fighters. So I make my living beating up bullies," Mayhem says.

"Gotcha," Chase says.


[AD]"I am so glad that you came to Dr. Phil instead of my show, because you are a good looking guy, and I would hate to see [your face] get mangled up," Mayhem jokes with Chase.


"You were bullied as a kid," Dr. Phil says to Mayhem.


"Yes, I was bullied," he confirms.


Mayhem has a message for Chase and an offer for Chad.


Dr. Phil sounds the alarm on bullying.

"When you're in a family, you're in this together. You've got to own the environment you set as parents, and each of you have to decide that you're old enough now that you own the result of your behavior," Dr. Phil says. "If your humor hurts other people, that's not funny, you know? I promise you that it doesn't shine a good light on either one of you to be fighting."


Dr. Phil tells Chase that when he started dating Robin, she noticed the way he treated his mother.  


"That was the first thing I fell in love with you about," Robin says to Dr. Phil. "You treated your mother with such dignity and respect and spoke to her so lovingly all the time."


[AD]"Women look at that, and if you treat women with dignity and respect, then it reflects well on you. If you interact in a way with people that they feel better about themselves after being around you than they did before, you will be successful in this world," Dr. Phil says to Chase. "You said, 'My greed, my competitiveness, will get me things in this world.' Life's a marathon. It's not a sprint. Those things may get you something in the short run, but if you have a persona in this world that people feel better about themselves when you're around than when you're not, you will be successful. You've got to ask yourself what kind of signature you want to write on this world with who you are."