The Hunt is On

Harold Copus meets with Heidi so he can find out more information about Brittney. Heidi gives Harold letters that Brittney and Michael have written to each other. "It looks like she kind of kept journals in her computer," she says.


On day one of the case, Harold spots the yellow Nissan truck that Heidi said Michael drives. After 18

hours, they've laid all the groundwork for day two.

"Looks like day two, we're starting to get ahead of the game a bit," Harold says. He has located the trailer Michael is staying in. "We're going to set up on that trailer, and we're going to see if we can find Brittney."

On day three, they trail Michael's truck. After a while, Harold decides to confront Michael. "The cat-and-mouse game has gone about as far as it can go," he says.

Harold spots Brittney near Michael's truck, and he approaches them. "Michael, we've got a little problem," he says. "Brittney, your mama has reported you missing, and well, it's an issue. She showed us a sonogram where it shows that you are pregnant."

"I'm sorry, I don't know you, but it's nobody's business," Brittney says.


As Michael walks away from the car toward the house, Harold follows him saying, "You've got to listen to me, Michael. You can't do this at 34 with a 16 ""

"I'm not doing anything, so take it easy," Michael says, interrupting Harold. He walks into the house.

"I have to call the police, now, Michael," Harold says.

"Go right ahead," Michael says.

"We can talk about it now," Harold continues. "Brittney, we really need to talk with you."

Michael shuts the door.

Harold calls Heidi and tells her that he has found Brittney. "I need you to come up here as soon as possible," he says.

As Heidi is on her way to the trailer, Harold approaches the door in an effort to speak with Michael. "We've got to hear your side of what's going on," he

says through the screen door.

"What do you need to hear?" Michael asks.

"She was 16 when she got pregnant, Michael, and you're 34," Harold explains.


"Does that mean it's mine? We're not having sex, so what's the problem?" Michael asks.

"That's not true," Harold says.

"Well, you don't know. So you keep telling me I'm a liar, you're a liar too. So, see you later," he says.

"You're going to have to be stopped by the police," Harold says to Michael.

"I don't care who the **** you call, you stupid ass," Michael responds.

Harold calls the police and asks them to send patrol cars to the house. The police arrive and speak with Harold. "I'm afraid of the way this guy has acted so far," he says to the camera. "We may have a violent situation. This guy has a temper problem."

Heidi is brought to tears by the circumstances. "I just want to hold her and take care of her, let her know I love her," she says.

The police confirm that they have Brittney listed as a runaway. "They are going to go in and talk to them, and she's coming out of that house with them," Heidi explains. "She can either go with me, if she refuses to go with me, then they are going to arrest her and take her in."

Brittney gets in the car with her mother. Harold approaches and a
sks her, "Are you taking care of yourself?"

"I'm taking excellent care of myself," she says, tearing up. "The only thing that's unhealthy about me right now is all this stupid stress. I'm really upset."

Heidi can't contain her emotion. "I'm so happy. I can't believe you found my baby," she says.

Brittney is even more upset when she finds out what's in store for her next. With the help of the Dr. Phil show, Heidi arranged for Brittney to go to a program called Youth Care. The

school's transporters traveled to Heidi's home to take Brittney to the facility. "Brittney's going to go to a home for troubled teens, and I want her to understand how difficult it is to raise a baby and hope that she realizes that I'm there for her, and I'm doing this because I love her," Heidi explains. "I want Brittney to have a normal childhood, and I know that that's not going to happen now."

Brittney reflects on her situation. "There's still a lot to think about, but I did plan on having support from the father of the baby. Michael w
ants to fully support the child and be there and do all that he can," she says.

"I can tell Brittney's mad at me," a tearful Heidi says as she hugs Brittney goodbye. "I can't provide for her the things that she needs, such as all the counseling. And also, she needs to be as far away from this Michael person as possible. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I'm going to miss her."

On the way to the airport, Brittney shares her thoughts. "I'm just upset because she didn't tell me about it. I've always had nice
things, but I've never had her physically there with me. She's always been gone. So, to me, sending me to somewhere like this is just trying to get rid of me. That's one of the reasons I wanted to move out, because she's never home, and she tries to act like she's a good mom, but she doesn't try to talk to me at all," she says with tears in her eyes.