Runaways Gone Wild: Final Thoughts

Dr. Phil has some words of caution for parents:


"Being a parent in this day and time is tough. I mean, think about it. When I was growing up, when I was a teenager, there were three TV channels and we had a phone on the wall in the kitchen. If you wanted to talk to your girlfriend, you got under the table and talked to her and threatened to kill your sisters for listening in. Now there are 500 TV channels, the Internet, drug pushers, hookers, everybody coming right into your child's laptop, right into their computer. The smorgasbord of temptation is way beyond anything we have ever, ever dealt with, all of us in the generation in which I grew up."


He continues, "If you are a family at home that has children being bombarded in this way that you're afraid of, I want to hear from you. Write to me. Let me know what your challenges and stories are because we do want to help, and I want to give you parents a wake-up call. Know what your child is doing. Know where they're going on the Web sites. Know what they're watching on television. Get involved because it doesn't just happen in back alleys and on street corners any more. It's coming right into your home."