One Last Chance

Danny and a now blonde Bonnie join Kelly and Paula onstage.

Dr. Phil asks them, "Is what you said true? Do you want to be clean?"

The teens both say yes, but Bonnie admits, "Something inside of me, the evil little heroin monster, doesn't want to and wants to keep me using forever, but sometimes when I get sober, I realize " I know that I don't want that life."

"I don't want to do it at all," Danny says. "Before I was doing it, I was skateboarding, I was writing songs. I was actually doing stuff, and now I'm just falling asleep."

"Were you on drugs during that interview we saw?" Dr. Phil asks Bonnie, noting the interview where she was falling asleep.

"Yeah," she admits. She says she last took heroin maybe four days ago. Even though Bonnie was given a drug test, she says she admitted it because she isn't going to lie. "It's hard for me to lie to my mom, but I don't want to hurt her anymore. I don't want her hurt and crying," she says.

[AD]"Well, do you think it's going to hurt her when she finds your body dead on the street?"

"Yeah," she says. 

Dr. Phil pleads with the teens to encourage each other to get in recovery.


"You guys have this romantic thing going on, but love has responsibility to it. Love means you are a fiduciary, it means you put somebody else's interests above your own," Dr. Phil says.

Rich, from La Hacienda, gave Danny and Bonnie a drug test the night before the show. They tested positive for opiates (heroin), marijuana and suboxone, which is used to treat addiction but is often abused by addicts as well.

"So, at this point, you're just back to doing drugs," Dr. Phil says.

"Yeah," Bonnie admits.

Kelly tells them, "I know where you guys are right now. I know how it feels. It's not even fun for you anymore. The only advice I can give you is that life can be fun. I didn't think it could be fun again. I didn't even think that I could get my life back again. I was just ready to die, and that's the truth. I wanted to give up. But I got a taste, a small, little taste, of what life really was and how much fun I could really have, and I just went for it. And I know that it's hard, and I know that you feel like everyone is against you, but the only way that you can prove how much you really are worth it is by proving them wrong and getting sober."

Dr. Phil asks the teens where they see themselves a year from now if they don't get sober.

"If not dead, then probably the same place I am now," Bonnie says.

"And you know Danny will be dead, right?"

"Yeah," she says sadly.

Dr. Phil goes over their summer travels and activities, which included: doing drugs with strangers, being attacked by a "crazy guy," getting arrested, sleeping in strangers' homes, sleeping outside, being attacked by another "crazy guy," jumping on freight trains, riding in dangerous areas of the train and hiding in the woods.

[AD]He tells Bonnie's mom, "Minimize this if you want, Paula, she could've been killed by either one of these crazy people. She's smoking heroin with people she doesn't know in Chicago, she's jumping the rails …"

Bonnie questions what her mom has to do with it. "I feel like there's nothing she can do but give me her love and support now," she says. 

"She can love you enough to tell you the truth. She can love you enough to hold your feet to the fire. She can love you enough to re-parent you now if she didn't parent you the way she wished she had the first time around," Dr. Phil says. "Trust me, there's a lot she can do, because she loves you, and she cares about you."

Dr. Phil continues. "Danny, you may feel like you're just in this world alone, but when was the last time you had someone working as hard to get you safe and find you a place where you can really be the person you want to be than what you have now?" Dr. Phil asks. "You can kind of play the outlaw loner, but the truth is, I really don't want to see anything bad happen to you. You don't deserve this."

"You've been hurt a lot," Kelly observes.

"Yeah," Danny says.

Dr. Phil points out that it will hurt more if he loses Bonnie.

[AD]Michael Kraut is Bonnie's attorney, whom Paula hired when her daughter was arrested. He was able to ask prosecutors not to file any charges and use early intervention as a reason. "They were sent straight into rehab. They still have three years jurisdictionally to file charges. They could hear this report, make a decision that they want to file felony charges. [Bonnie and Danny] could be put on a diversion program or go straight to prison for three years." He tells the teens, "The problem here is, in order to be put into diversion, you have to be both eligible and suitable, and you're not suitable as you're still using."

Dr. Phil asks Bonnie what she wants. See her tearful response:

"I remembered who I was, and I remembered what being sober was like."


"You can have that feeling every single day, if you just listen to what they have to say," Kelly tells Bonnie.

[AD]Rich says he will give the teens another chance, but this time there will be more strings attached, including no contact with each other until given permission. Bonnie will go back to La Hacienda. Danny will be accepted into Mark Houston Recovery.

"This is what has to happen, so I'll do anything," Bonnie says.

Danny agrees.