On the Road Again

"Our summer was extremely eventful," Bonnie says.

"We did a lot. We went a lot of places. We saw a lot of stuff," Danny says. "When I came back to Colorado, we were only in Colorado for about a week. We hitchhiked to Pennsylvania because there was a rainbow gathering going on. Rainbow gatherings are just a whole bunch of, like, hippies, and travelers and punks."

"Twenty-five thousand people in the forest playing music. It's about love and peace. There are no drugs there. There's weed. So, we didn't use anything there," Bonnie says, but admits, "Rarely, I smoked. I only smoked a couple bowls, and Danny was smoking a lot. I was really high off of life. We ended up finding a ride to Cleveland. We just do what we normally do."

"We just explored the city," Danny says.

"Yeah, we explored the city, we played music for money. We made lots of money. And then we left. We'd hop on a train. Sometimes we'd hitchhike, sometimes freight train," she says.

The teens explains they would either hop on a train that was parked, or get on one while it was moving, which is extremely dangerous. "It's underneath the wheel well," Bonnie says. "And you just lay down and squish together, and then you ride like that the whole time."

The teens ended up in Chicago, where Bonnie claims they used heroin twice. "We met a train hopper kid. He had some heroin, so we just had him sell us some. We couldn't help it," she says with a laugh. "After that, we were very, very sick and just waited on the sidewalk for two days straight, sleeping all day."

[AD]Bonnie explains an incident in Chicago. "This crazy crackhead thought I threw a cigarette at him, so he got up in my face, and he started yelling at me, shaking me, and he pulled back his fist, about to punch me in the face," she says.

"I broke the guitar over that guy's head," Danny says.

Danny was arrested and was in jail for 12 hours for that incident.

"We decided we wanted to go back home to Denver. We've just been relaxing and enjoying being in a home," Bonnie says.

"As far as drug use is concerned, we've smoked some pot and drank some beer since we've been back in Colorado," Danny says.

"The last time we used heroin was in Chicago," Bonnie says. "We've detoxed millions of times. Your whole body hurts. Every single muscle in your body, especially your legs, ache, like, the worst pain in the world. You feel nauseous. You sweat, and at the same time, you're freezing. There are bugs crawling all over your skin. My heart races, like, I feel like I'm having a heart attack."

[AD]In other footage, Bonnie falls asleep while Danny is being interviewed. A side effect of heroin use is sleepiness. The producer wakes her up, and Bonnie explains she didn't sleep well the night before.

"I really miss heroin, and I'm having a lot of trouble not using, but I haven't. It's getting harder and harder every day. I believe that where I'm at right now is struggling, a very happy, creative girl struggling to be clean off of heroin," Bonnie says.