A Mother's Desperate Search

Paula learns that Bonnie was released from jail, but she has no idea where she is. She roves the streets of downtown Los Angeles to track down her daughter.

"You know what's really uncomfortable? Not knowing who she is right now," Paula tells a producer. "Not knowing if she's going to be the Bonnie who I left a month ago, or the Bonnie who's in that videotape, who we saw yesterday. That's kind of scary."

[AD]After searching yet another courthouse, Paula leaves and notices an abandoned take-out container of food left on the steps. "Noticing that salad back there made me think of Danny and Bonnie and all the others, eating something like that, that somebody has already half eaten. It's just so far from where she came," she says.

Eventually, Paula sits outside a courthouse, waiting for the possibility that Bonnie hasn't been released yet but will be let free between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. After a 10-hour day, Paula is outside the correct building when both of the teens are released from jail. 

See Paula reunite with Bonnie and Danny, and hear the teens describe detoxing in jail.


After jail, Bonnie and Danny accepted treatment at separate rehabs to get clean, but it didn't go well. They both were kicked out. They agreed to try again at different facilities, but they didn't stay there long either. 

The teens describe what happened.

[AD]Paula says, "It was really sad that they had this chance to do this, and they weren't able to grasp it. They weren't able to take what was given to them."

After rehab, Bonnie went home to her mom's house, but she wasn't clean for long. "When Danny came back, I believed that I couldn't smoke weed, drink beer, touch anything that was going to alter my mindset, but Danny thought differently, so we both ended up smoking weed and drinking," she says.

Paula and special correspondent Kelly Osbourne join Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil tells Paula she has to see clearly when it comes to her daughter, and she can't just believe what she wants to believe. "I need stark reality for you," he says.

Kelly reacts to Bonnie's decision to leave that second rehab on her own. "Sometimes, getting told no is because people care," she tells Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil introduces Rich Whitman from La Hacienda, the treatment center where both teens were placed at one point. Dr. Phil believes La Hacienda is the top treatment facility in the country, but the teens' self-destructive natures kicked in to sabotage their progress.

[AD]Rich says Danny didn't even make it 48 hours in La Hacienda before he left. Rich says that Bonnie is so co-dependent on Danny, that she'll die with him.

Dr. Phil makes it clear with Paula that she needs to set some rules that are enforced in her home. He warns her that rehab for Bonnie may take a long time, even up to a year or two. "It's going to be a long road back, and the sooner she starts, the better," he tells her.