Sabotage and Self-Destruction: Ashley

Rocked By a Scandal
Ashley Dupré was busted for working a prostitution ring that brought down the career of New York governor Eliot Spitzer. She says her life has changed dramatically in the days following the scandal.
"What were you doing before you decided to become an escort?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"I was working at a real estate company. I was an administrative assistant, and the oppotunity came along. I was working three jobs. I couldn't pay my rent. I couldn't pay my bills," she answers. "I got into it, and it was really hard getting out."
Ashley shares some words of wisdom for Jen.
"In the aftermath of this, you say your singing career has caved in. You were going to be on Celebrity Apprentice, and NBC pulled that deal. You can't get a job, even though you have a real estate certificate," Dr. Phil points out. "You've just kind of become a pariah."
"I'm not quite a celebrity, where I can go and get work, because I'm kind of being condemned. Then, I can't just be a normal person and get a job in real estate, because people view my past," Ashley reveals.
[AD]"So, it didn't help your life," Dr. Phil muses.
Dr. Phil turns to his previous guest, Jen. "Are we talking you out of this?" he asks.
"Yeah," she says with a sheepish smile.
Dr. Phil tells Jen that he will provide a financial advisor to help navigate her foreclosure and mounting debt. "Can we cross escort off the list?" he asks.
"Yes," Jen answers.