Save My Mommy!

Falling Star

On videotape, Star documents her struggles with addiction.

"About five years ago, I was diagnosed with depression, and panic and anxiety disorder by my family physician. I became addicted to the Xanax that she gave me," she says. "I'm at the point now where I am stealing drugs, painkillers, out of people's medicine cabinets when I go into their homes. I've stolen from my mother-in-law, I've stolen from my parents, I've even gone as far as taking my dad's refills, going to the pharmacy and refilling his bottle of Vicodin. He had 60 Vicodin, and I took those within a three-day period."

Star details a typical day after she has consumed her ill-gotten bounty. "I lie in bed, I'm nodding off, I'm sleeping, and my poor 11-year-old is left to take care of the babies.


"I'm under the influence right now, and it's hard to show emotions, but I'm broken. I'm broken for my children. I know that I need to get off these drugs. They're killing me," Star continues as tears stream down her face. "If I don't, I'm not going to wake up one morning. I'm going to get arrested and thrown in prison, or I'm going to get a divorce and lose my children. I'm going to die, Dr. Phil. I'm going to die if I don't get help!"

"My mom, she just goes and tries to find some pills and stuff, tries to get all drugged up on them. I love taking care of my little siblings and stuff, and I don't mind it. I just wish Mom could be there more for us," says 11-year-old Autumn, whose face is not displayed on videotape.


Star drives down a lonely stretch of desert highway in pursuit of prescription drugs. "There is an elderly man that I know who takes my choice of drug, which is Vicodin. I have made up an excuse that I have bad menstrual cramps, and he's willing to give me some Vicodin today," Star says. "In a sick way, I'm just so excited to go get these pills, because I know they're going to make me happy."

After her meeting, Star displays an envelope containing the medication. "I got probably about 12 pills in there. That's what he gave me, and that'll last me maybe four or five hours. I'm going to take six Vicodin right now and see if that does anything to me," she explains. After downing the pills with bottled water, she becomes visibly calm. "This is good now." 

Dr. Phil addresses Star's husband, Isaac. "How long have you been aware of how bad this is?" he asks.

"Just within the last two weeks," Isaac replies. "I just thought my wife might have been overly stressed. I thought everything was pretty fine."

Dr. Phil turns to Star. "You've been deceiving him," he observes.

"Yes, I have. My whole family," she replies.

"How much have you taken today?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Today, I have not taken pain pills. I wanted to do that to respect your show," she answers. "I have taken my anti-anxiety medicine."

"Which is?"

"Which is Klonopin, but I also took two Valiums, which I'm not prescribed, just to not go through the withdrawals today."

"How much Klonopin did you take?"

"I have taken 10 pills today, so far."

"You've taken 10?" Dr. Phil asks, incredulously. "To respect the show, you just took 10 Klonopin?"

"I took 10 Klonopin to not have withdrawals from the pain pills. That is the drug I am prescribed."

"Why are you saying that's the drug you're prescribed? Because that's legitimate then?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"No, it's not legitimate to take it. I'm only supposed to take three of those a day, and I've taken 10," Star explains. "My tolerance has just gone up and keeps going up."

Dr. Phil wants to make sure that Star is serious about getting help. "One of the things I'm really interested in is having a straight-up conversation between you and me. If you start lying, this is going to be a really short conversation, and you'll be right back on the plane home, because I'm not going to waste my time, or my viewers' time, with somebody who is not going to be honest," he warns.

He turns to Isaac. "Six months ago, she was arrested and charged with home invasion and burglary, because she entered the home and stole pills from a neighbor," Dr. Phil notes. "Did that alert you that there's something really bizarre here? Your wife is charged with home invasion and burglary for drugs, and you didn't think anything about that?"

"I didn't read the police report, and I believed what she told me over the phone when she was asking me to bail her out," Isaac replies.

"So she spent 36 hours in jail, and you posted a $50,000 bond," Dr. Phil confirms.

Star explains how she beguiled her husband. "I had access to that house. I was a babysitter to their children, and I did have access in that house " the door was unlocked " to get the baby I was babysitting diapers, and juice and stuff," she tells Dr. Phil. "But not only taking that, I looked in the medicine cabinet and found pills, and I took those as well."