Save My Son: An Intervention

An Intervention
Dr. Phil welcomes Michael to the stage. "Why do you suppose we're here today?" Dr. Phil asks the young man.
"I have a problem, and I need help," Michael replies.


Michael and Rick open up about their true feelings.
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"What is it?"
"Abusing drugs, addicted to OxyContin."
"Are you dealing drugs?"
"Off and on."
"How has that affected your life?" Dr. Phil asks.
"Everything I had going for me has pretty much been thrown away. The relationship with them has been thrown away. All their trust is gone," Michael replies, referring to his parents.
Dr. Phil instructs Michael to look his mother in the eyes. "Tell her what you see," he prompts.
"Someone who has been there for me, who hasn't given up," Michael says, wiping his eyes. "I thank her for sticking by me for as long as she has."
"What have you done to her?"
"Lied to her, stolen from her, misled them," Michael answers, sniffling back tears.[AD]
"I believe that in every life, there is a moment in time where all things wrong can be made right," Dr. Phil tells Michael. "You're a drug addict, son. Your brain is altered. Your reasoning is altered. Your ability to stop is gone. You know it, and I know it. How many times have you told yourself you're going to quit this?"
[AD]"More than I can count," Michael replies.

"Do you get that you can't? Do you get that you've become a passenger on the drug train?" Dr. Phil asks.
Michael nods. He tells Dr. Phil that he's ready to enter a treatment program.

Dr. Phil gives Michael a reassuring touch on the arm. "I believe you can do this," he says. "When you do, I want you to come back here and talk to us."