The Teens Weigh In
Eighteen-year-old Alex Weinberg and friends offer a teen perspective on the risky trends their peers engage in.
"What's going on with this ADHD medication?" Dr. Phil asks Alex. "Are you seeing kids abuse this?"
"I'm seeing a lot of kids, actually, abuse this. They use ADHD medication and then move on to harder drugs," Alex replies.
"Why are they using it to begin with? If it's prescribed to them, I understand it. But I understand they're actually using this to get jacked up for a test or to stay up to study," Dr. Phil observes. "Is that where it's starting?"
"What they'll do is snort a line of ADHD medication, and it will help them do better on a test. They'll be more focused," Alex reports.
"This is a gateway medication," Dr. Phil warns.[AD]
Alex's friend, Richard, presents a different viewpoint. "I believe it's OK to use it just to do better on a test, but if you begin to use it for other purposes, no."
"Where does it cross the line? You're taking a drug that you're not prescribed, and you're using it for an acute stimulant. How much is enough? How much is dangerous?" Dr. Phil probes.
"I'd say when you begin to use it outside of testing, like when you're using it to feel better about yourself, or whatever, then it becomes too much," Richard replies. "I've never personally done it, but I don't really frown upon it."