Schizophrenia: News Report

 A news report opens with this tale of tragedy:

"A frantic search tonight after witnesses say a woman tore off the clothes of three young children and then tossed each of them into the bay, one by one. With an empty baby stroller still parked on Pier 7, police, fire and Coast Guard units comb the bay tonight. When police arrived, they found her standing near the railing, as if waiting to be arrested. She reportedly told them mysterious voices made her do it."


"That was a woman who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was not taking her medication," says Dr. Phil. "If you are dealing with a mental illness, even though you may not like taking medication, even though it has problems with weight and side effects sometimes, please, please, please do that. Get appropriate help if you're feeling it slip away."

Learn to recognize the early warning signs of mental illness. Dr. Barbara Cornblatt is a professor of psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the wife of a Dr. Phil advisory board member, Dr. Lonnie Sherrod. As the director of RAP, the Reconition and Prevention Program, she has created a list of behaviors that could indicate that you or your child is at risk for schizophrenia or in the early stages.

Dr. Phil says, "The idea is don't live in denial. Reach out for help. It is available."