Seven Days to Change: Backstage

Backstage Breakthrough
After their first appearance on Dr. Phil, Terry and Laurie stepped backstage to meet with Dr. Phil and his treatment experts: Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, Mark Houston, president of Mark Houston Recovery Center, and Anthony Haskins, Dr. Phil Resource Director.
"Are you really sure you want to do this?" Dr. Phil asks the couple, referring to their commitment to saving their daughter.
"One hundred percent sure, Dr. Phil," Terry assures him.
"Every instinct in me says that you're not ready to do this," Dr. Phil says. He turns to Laurie. "After everything that happened, your last comment walking off stage was, 'Well, we just made fools of ourselves on national television.'"[AD]
"I just feel like I'm ruining it for Amanda," Laurie says.
"One thing I know is you clearly are very loving and devoted parents," Dr. Phil says.
Gesturing to his team of professionals, Dr. Phil says, "We're not going to ask you to jump through hoops for the sake of jumping through hoops. There are some things you need to do in order to help me help Amanda."
Dr. Phil sends the couple home with a seven-day assignment.
"Before we met Dr. Phil, there was no doubt in my mind that I was feeling very powerless over my daughter's addiction," Terry shares on videotape.
"I definitely had a lot of guilt," Laurie says. "In the last week, some of the guilt has been lifted off my shoulders. Where Amanda is right now is her choice."
"Because of Amanda's addiction, I'm not that happy-go-lucky person like I used to be. I know that it's taken years off of my life," Terry says. "It's aged me."
"We're both in survival mode," Laurie says.
"I know for sure that there is a greater power, and he's already determined what's going to happen," Terry says, his eyes brimming with tears. "I just pray to God that Dr. Phil can help my daughter."[AD]
Terry and Laurie join Dr. Phil in his studio. "How do you feel about being back here?" he asks the couple.
"I'm very nervous, but I have a whole different view," Laurie replies. "When I left here, I cried for two days. I came here, I wanted you to save us, and you were like, 'You're the one who's broke.' I didn't understand, but now I do."
"I was amazed, Dr. Phil, at how many families that this has affected," Terry adds. "When we went to our Al-Anon meetings, I could not believe the number of people " from all walks of life " that we ran into." 
"Rehab is just the beginning. It's not the end-all," Dr. Phil tells the couple. "That is the beginning of the second phase of this young woman's life. She will be there for a finite period of time, and then go to another phase and another phase, and you will be central figures in all of that . If you are broken " in your logic, in your actions, if you're using the habits that allow her to make the choices and sustain the choices that she's made " then we would be in a bad spot. I believe your daughter's life is in danger."
[AD]Dr. Phil explains that sending the couple home with the seven-day plan was a form of shock therapy. "I've got a short period of time to drag you backwards through a knothole and say, 'Look at the other side of the fence here, because I need you.' We've got to hold this girl's feet to the fire," he says. He praises the couple for the strides they've made in changing their behavior and recognizing that they are enablers. "I see a clarity and an assurance in you guys that is so important to her. What a gift to your daughter that you've had the guts to step up and figure some things out."
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