Sexual Slumps

Sexual Slumps

Bruce and Kristine have been married just six months and yet their quest for pregnancy is crushing their sex life.

Numerous visits to the doctor have determined that Bruce has a low sperm count and he now feels that his infertility is threatening his marriage.

"I've tried clergy, I've tried friends, nobody has been able to help me with infertility and performance anxiety," Bruce says.

Dr. Phil tells Kristine the words that Bruce used to describe his feelings about their current sexual situation: "Guilty, incomplete, broken, crushed, tired, tense, pressured, stressed, empty, numb."

Kristine says: "I don't want it to be that way, but unfortunately that's what infertility has done to us."

Dr. Phil disagrees. "Infertility has done nothing to you, " he says. "Infertility is a result, not a cause in this situation."

"One of the things that affects fertility is stress and pressure" Dr. Phil tells the couple. "The way you're going about this is exacerbating, not relieving the problem."

Dr. Phil asks Bruce, "Are you responding to this performance on demand?"

"Not at all," he replies.

Dr. Phil tells Kristine, "You need to back off. You need to let this happen organically instead of artificially and it will decrease stress, which will increase performance, which will increase the likelihood of getting what you're after."