Rod and Meagan
What should couples do when their sex drives aren't in sync?

Rod and Meagan have been married for six weeks " and sex is already a problem.

"My wife wants more sex than I do," says Rod. "Sometimes I think I should just retire and be her stay-at-home sex toy, and maybe that would meet her needs."

"He thinks I want sex all the time, and that's really not true" says Meagan. "I want my husband to want me in a sexual way. I want him to fantasize about me and pursue me."

Rod's past relationships were "animalistic," but lacking in emotional depth. So with Meagan — whom he loves and respects — he prefers to be tender. Meagan is sexually unfulfilled and it's rubbing at her self-esteem.

"He respects me too much to have sex with me?" asks Meagan. "I think it's illogical."

"She's just a saint to me," says Rod of his wife, who has a 4-year-old daughter. "I don't want to make her dirty."

Rod's previous relationships, which were based on sex, didn't work. But this time, explains Dr. Phil, there's an emotional foundation. Sex with his wife won't run things off into a ditch because it's an extension of the caring and love and respect they have for each other.