Jeremy arrives to pick Kaylee up, and she is crying. "I don't want you to pick me up," she says to Jeremy. "Daddy, I don't like you."

As Jeremy puts Kaylee in her car seat, she asks, "When am I going to see Krista?"

"We're going to have to see, OK? You'll see your mommy again, OK. I promise you that," Jeremy tells her.

"And then I'm not going to go to you?" Kaylee asks.

"Of course you will," Jeremy says.

"I don't want to," Kaylee says.

While the family is at Jeremy and Danielle's house, Danielle is filming Kaylee and says to her, "Say I love you, Daddy."

Kaylee says it.

During another segment of the video, Kaylee is lying on Jeremy's lap giggling, while he tickles her.

When they return back to Krista's house after the visit, Krista asks Kaylee, "Baby, did you miss Mommy?"

Kaylee doesn't answer, but a few minutes later she is crying and says, "They touched my pee-pee."

"Were you coaching her on the tape?" Dr. Phil asks Danielle.

"Sometimes," Danielle admits. "She kind of just sits there and doesn't know what to say. I'll get her going

and then she'll just talk for hours."

"Does anybody just have this child's interest at heart?"

"I really have Kaylee's best interest at heart. I wanted her to see her father. I think father figures are extremely important in a child's life," Bonii says. "Jeremy knows that I would do anything for him, until I found out what's going on with Kaylee."

"I have a really bad feeling about this from both sides," Dr. Phil says. "Do you think you're reinforcing her histrionics on the drop off?"

"What have we given her?" Bonii asks.

Dr. Phil explains that Bonii and Krista scoop Kaylee up and tell her everything is going to be OK once she is back with them. "It seems to me that that rewards that behavior on her part," he says.


"I didn't think that I was rewarding her," Krista says. "Any time she falls down and gets hurt, any time  my kids cry, I pick them up and rub them."

Dr. Phil repeats his question. "Do you think that when the drop offs are occurring, and you're all over [saying], ‘We've got you now. What happened? Oh, they did that again?' You don't think that is reinforcing power on her part that when she says these things that you get " "

"We don't know, that's why were here to see you," Bonii replies.


"I'm uncomfortable with this side of the thing," Dr. Phil says to Bonii and Krista. Turning to Jeremy he says, "Uncomfortable doesn't describe what I'm feeling about what's going on with you here." Referring to Kaylee's torn labia, Dr. Phil asks him, "You have no idea where that came from?"

"No, I don't," Jeremy replies. "She's 3 years old, OK? You're going to do stuff when you're 3 years old. She'll jump off of the back of the couch onto the back of my neck. Three-year-olds do stuff."

"So you're suggesting it just happened in normal play?" Dr. Phil asks.

"If I had to make a guess, I don't think that she is being sexually molested from the other side," Jeremy says, denying that he is molesting her.

Dr. Phil asks Jeremy about the incident at the birthday party when he was changing Kaylee's diaper. "You've got the door locked, presumably for her to use the bathroom and to change her diaper, but you've got no diaper," he says.

"I had a diaper in there," Jeremy refutes.

"Did he have a diaper, or did he not?" Dr. Phil asks Krista.


"No, there was no clean diaper," Krista counters.

"Somebody's lying here!" Dr. Phil says.

Jeremy maintains that he had a diaper with him, but Krista continues to disagree. "You never even had changed a diaper at that point. Why on Earth would I have you change her diaper?" she asks. 

Bonii expresses her frustration. "You hadn't even seen Kaylee since she was 3 months old. You come to her second birthday and you want to go change her diaper?" she asks Jeremy. "That seems a little strange to me."

Danielle also videotaped her interaction with Kaylee and Krista when she went alone to pick Kaylee up for a visit.


"I don't want her to pick me up," Kaylee cries. 

"I'm sorry Kaylee, but you know you'll be happy in a few minutes anyway," Danielle tells her.

Krista attempts to put a hysterical Kaylee down on the ground, but Kaylee won't let go. "Honey, I have to put you down," Krista says.

"OK, I need to go," Danielle says.

"Well, you were late anyway, so you can wait a minute. I had to sit here and wait for you," Krista says.

"No, I have to wait on you every time," Danielle says. She proceeds to call the police. "I'm supposed to be picking up my stepdaughter,

and they refuse to let me have her," she tells them.

"We did not refuse. We said, ‘Give her a minute,'" Bonii interjects.

"I don't want her to pick me up, Mama," Kaylee cries.

"I know, I don't want her to pick you up either," Krista tells her. "I'm so sorry."

As Krista hands Kaylee over to Danielle, Kaylee says, "I don't want to go with you."

Danielle takes Kaylee and they leave, Kaylee hysterical.

"What are y'all doing here? This child is paying for this. She's paying for these histrionics, calling the police," Dr. Phil says sternly. "Shame on all of you for doing that!"


We don't want her to be like that," Bonii says. "Before we even get there, we'll say, ‘Maybe they'll take you out for ice cream,' or ‘You're going to have fun. Don't you want to go?' We try to make her in a good mood."

"The first time that she even went, when we said, ‘You're going to go with your daddy,' she was very excited," Krista adds.

"The very first time is when she came back and said he kissed her pee-pee,' and ever since, it's been like that," Bonii explains. "I want Kaylee to like to go with them. I can't send her comfortably knowing that she might be going to be molested when she goes."

"I don't know that at this point, but I tell you what. I'm going to find out. Make no mistake, I'm going to find out," Dr. Phil assures her.

He warns Bonii and Krista that if they are starting rumors, they are going to have problems with the court, and if Jeremy is actually molesting his daughter, he will also have problems with the court. "I don't care who's right or wrong, what I care about is does this child have a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which to grow."